It certainly takes a lot of focus and determination to stay on top of marketing strategies. Well, at least it used to.

If you want to make things easier on yourself and your employees, you’ll want to learn more about the best marketing automation tools.

With so much marketing automation software on the marketing, how do you know which one is best for your business?

I’m here to help by taking a closer look at some of the best marketing automation tools of 2020.

1. ActiveCampaign

When your company gets started with marketing itself, this process involves a lot of learning.

What’s the best time to post content? When should you be emailing your customers?

ActiveCampaign can help your business answer these questions and many more. With this company’s machine learning software, it begins working to learn what actions are getting the best results.

Another important feature of ActiveCampaign is that it features over 30,000 automation recipes. Automation recipes are templates that make it incredibly easy to build solutions for any and all of your company’s goals.

Something else I love about ActiveCampaign is how it allows you to manage emails. If you’re like me, you know the pain of clicking in and out of windows. You need to respond to an important email, but you need to get information from other programs to send it.

Fortunately, ActiveCampaign features a Chrome extension that allows you to: see when people open your emails, add contacts, and many other features. It’s great for avoiding having to go back and forth between programs while taking care of emails.

ActiveCampaign also integrates with popular programs like Salesforce, Shopify, and WordPress.

2. Marketo

If your business is looking for more of an all-in-one marketing solution, Marketo might be for you. Adobe is the company behind this software, so there’s a bonus if you’re a fan of this business.

Marketo offers a “clear and proven path” to your company’s success. This software gets started by helping your business attract more prospects. You can fuel your pipeline with better leads, have help turning prospects into customers, get more referrals, and boost conversion rates.


Every company wants to find marketing automation software offering seamless integrations. Without this, it leaves you juggling lots of marketing programs. Fortunately, is a tool that integrates with many popular programs.

The main feature of is that it allows you to send targeted messages to your customers. This is great when you want to send out messages with a personal touch.

You can utilize pre-defined rules for interacting with your customers or you can trigger actions based on user behaviors. is a great solution for both large corporation and small businesses.

4. Hubspot

Hey, let’s play a quick game. Think of any digital marketing term.

Got it? Go type it into Google, and I bet Hubspot appears in the results pages.

Yeah, they’ve got a pretty good idea of how to be effective digital marketers.

If your business needs help with automating marketing, Hubspot has something for you. Hubspot has a wide range of tools to help put your company’s marketing efforts on autopilot.

Hubspot’s main services include marketing, sales, and service hubs. There’s even a free CRM (customer relationship management) system for companies not looking to spend on marketing right now.

5. Mailchimp

Another important part of any company’s strategy has to do with sending emails. And, if you’re anything like me, email marketing can be hit or miss. Plus, considering how personal this type of marketing is, it involves following lots and lots of rules.

If your business needs help with formulating an email marketing strategy, I recommend checking out Mailchimp. This marketing platform can take care of everything, including landing pages, targeted ads, and (of course) sending out marketing emails.

best marketing automation tools

In closing, that was a look at five great marketing automation tools that are worth checking out in 2020. Marketing can become complicated for almost any business. When this happens, have a little help from marketing automation tools.