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The Best Email Blast Examples and How to Copy Them in 2024

When a company wants to get a message across to lots of people fast, they often use an email blast. To someone unfamiliar with this term, email blasts can sound a little strange.

To help you out, let’s learn more about these best email blast examples. We’ll also take a look at six excellent email blasts your company can start using now. By the time you finish reading this, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to send emails that drive your email marketing campaign goals.

What is an email blast?

Email blasts or blast emails are what happens when a person or company sends out emails to multiple people. You can send an email blast to 40, 4,000, or even 400,000 recipients.

On the surface, this part of an email marketing campaign sounds simple enough. After enough practice, they usually are. If you’re new to email marketing, it’s helpful to learn from those who do this well.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best email blast examples of all-time. We’ll also learn what made them so successful and how you can apply them to your business. Here’s how to do an email blast from companies that know what they’re doing.

14 of the best email blast examples ever

Before you create a new subject line or choose an image in your emails, check out these email marketing campaign examples. Whether you need to send a welcome email or follow-up emails, the emails below should give you great examples of relevant content.

1. Uber – email marketing dosen’t have to be boring

uber pic

Many business owners get excited about preparing a newsletter to send out in an email broadcast. Others avoid starting email marketing campaigns until the last possible second.

Regardless of whether you enjoy preparing email updates for your company, it’s important to do it. You’ll also want to make sure that your email templates are interesting and informative.

If you’re unsure how to do this, check out this pick for one of the best email blast examples. Right away, a recent Uber email begins by making its message simple. This message is addressing Uber customers, letting them know how they’ve been helping out.

Any interested readers that want to know more can click a link in this email marketing example to see what changes are taking place. Most people put a lot of thought into what companies they do business with. Let them know they’re making a good decision by keeping these people in the know.

2. HSN – A great pre-Black Friday email marketing campaign

hsn email

Sometimes, the best email marketing campaigns are eye-catching and get right to the point. If your company is having a sale or something you want known, let it be known with the help of email marketing.

Recently, HSN wanted its customers to know about an early Black Friday sale. To do this, it sent a bright and flashy example of an email blast seen above featuring lots of golds and pinks.

With that said, HSN knows most of its audience enjoys this type of style. This probably isn’t an exact copy of what you would send as a law firm or dental office.

However, HSN’s concept of putting the offer upfront is a great strategy to make your own. It’s also one of the best email blast examples in recent memory.

3. charity: water: an email campaign with heart

charity water processSource: charitywater.org

It feels great to help others in need. One way to do this is by donating to one of many charities throughout the world.

But where does your money go after you donate it? Some people don’t think about this. Others want to know how their donations are used.

With that in mind, charity: water launched an incredibly successful nonprofit content marketing campaign and answered this important question at the same time.

If you made donations to charity : water during its Dollars to Projects campaign, you would receive emails updating you of where your money is going. This is one of a few of my best email blast examples that show to create a message that engages your audience.

By doing this, charity: water kept its donors informed. It also ensured everyone was opening up emails from this organization.

When designing your company’s next email, think of it as a system to inform them of what your company is up to. Throw in a catchy subject line, and you’ve got a winning email marketing campaign idea.

4. Amara – show, don’t tell for effective email marketing campaigns


amara email blastIf you enjoy buying new items for your home or small business, you probably know Amara well. This designer home decor company has a wide range of goods available. But how do you let customers know about all of this in an email? By including a gallery of what products your company wants to show off.

Let’s look at one of Amara’s best email blast examples, which included a gallery of popular items on sale. By doing this, customers don’t even have to navigate to Amara’s website to see its goods.

You might think you need a lot of technical abilities to throw something like this together. Fortunately, most email marketing tools should make adding a photo gallery quite simple. By thinking how you can apply this concept, you’ll come up with lots of ideas for future email marketing campaigns.

5. Warby Parker – using social proof in an email campaign



There’s almost nothing as great as hearing someone compliment your business. It feels vindicating knowing that someone else appreciates what your business does. It’s also wise to check out the best email blast examples that show the power of social proof.

Social proof is basically a company’s way to brag about itself. The best part about this content marketing plan? Your company isn’t the one doing the bragging, its fans are!

In a recent email marketing campaign, Warby Parker didn’t have to come up with a new slogan. Instead, it simply took other people’s comments about this company from Twitter and placed it in an email.

Doing something like this takes very little work and can have major positive effects for your business.

6. Nasty Gal – spin the bottle discount


Nasty Gal is a women’s clothing company that knows how to turn heads. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that Nasty Gal’s email marketing department knows how to get people to open their emails.

Recently, this company took a fun spin (pun very much intended) on its email campaigns with one of its recent emails. If you opened a recent email from this company, you were invited to play a (virtual) game of spin the bottle.

After opening the email, a spinning pink bottle (pictured above) greeted you. By clicking or tapping on the bottle, it would spin to reveal whether you received a discount or mystery prize.

Think of something your business can do with this same approach. Of course, you’re probably not wanting to tell email recipients to spin the bottle, but you get the idea.

Follow this best email blast example to see what you come up with. A simple animation, discount, and call to action can boost sales.

7. GameStop – a marketing campaign showing a family playing games


a person sitting with his family

Sometimes, the best email blast examples don’t have to be wild and crazy. For proof of that, take a look at a recent example of great email marketing from GameStop. This email shows a picture of a family having fun together playing video games.

The copy to this email gets straight to the point, something we all love. This effective email marketing campaign lets the reader know what this message is about: sharing your opinion and earning gift cards.

Is this email the most exciting thing in the world? No. But sometimes, the best email blast examples are simple.

8. Original Penguin


original penguin advertisement

One of the focus of any great email marketing campaign is to focus on seasonality. This is another way of saying that if it’s the beginning of February, creating emails around Valentine’s Day isn’t the worst idea.

Learn how to create an eye-catching message by checking out one of the more recent best email blast examples from Original Penguin.

Not only does this email strategy target a famous holiday, it also mentions one of the most popular songs of all-time. With this great example of effective email marketing, the reader sees the bright colored shirts and a big, bold message about love. It even mixes in a little humor.

The copy in this email is a great example of how to use humor in an email marketing campaign. This email’s message basically says that love is all you need, but getting some new clothing is also good.

9. Bob’s Stores – highlight a deal in your email campaigns


bob's stores discount code email

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you’re likely familiar with Bob’s Stores and its marketing emails. With that in mind, I wanted to include one of its recent best email blast examples from this company.

The main goal of this email campaign was to let recipients know that Bob’s Stores was having a sale. The subject line of this email is short and sweet: 25% OFF COUPON. Instantly, this email’s subject line gets a reader’s attention and lets them know what’s in it for them.

After the reader opens this email, they get a visually appealing image with an outstanding headline. Instead of getting the code in the email, the call to action button sends the reader to a landing page. If you want your reader to learn more about your company cleverly, use a landing page link in your email.

Use this best email blast example when considering how to get a customer’s attention. If you want to create a great re-engagement email, think about including a free gift like a discount code for readers.

10. Barnes & Noble – A company full of the best email blast examples


barnes and noble email advertisement

As holidays arrive throughout the year, not everyone wants to celebrate them. One holiday that garners mixed feelings from people is Valentine’s Day. Instead of sending an email to potential customers celebrating love, Barnes & Noble recently took another approach.

This message went out to this company’s email subscribers right before Valentine’s Day. Instead of buying chocolates and flowers, Barnes & Noble encourages new and existing customers to spend money on books this year.

I also love the subject line of this email: What’s better than a box of chocolates? Right out of the gate, this email campaign gets you thinking. It’s also one of the best email blast examples with a great subject line that can cut through the clutter of busy inboxes.

11. Alex + Ani – Give to get

alex ani

Alex + Ani is a jewelry company with some of the best email blast examples. One of these examples comes from a recent Black Friday email marketing campaign from Alex + Ani.

This email marketing campaign shows that if you spend $75 with Alex + Ani, you get $25 discount. I chose this pick as one of the best email blast examples because it shows the power of keeping things simple. This company had a great deal and wanted people to know about it.

Alex + Ani’s email marketing campaign also chooses text colors that match extremely well. Instantly, you see this email and know about its discount.

If you’re having trouble creating a great marketing campaign, consider having a sale that allows customers to get back store credit or a deep discount after spending a specified amount of money.

12. Haband – More seasonality examples to inspire


Another one of the best email blast examples comes from Haband. This retailer recently launched a great email example of how to use seasonality to increase open and click-through rates.

Near Halloween, everybody’s getting ready for this upcoming holiday. That’s why Haband appealed to its target audience with clever copy and a beautiful template, all themed around Halloween.

13. ModCloth – Show customers how much you care


Some of the best email blast examples aren’t always about selling products or services. Recently, ModCloth launched an email campaign around Thanksgiving. In this campaign, ModCloth generously thanks its customers.

This email doesn’t contain a hype-filled subject line or CTA buttons everywhere. Instead, this is an email allowing users to know how much ModCloth appreciates them. If you’re struggling to engage users, maybe it’s time to show them how thankful you are to have them.

14. Mood – Give customers options


Sometimes, your email’s subject lines and layouts need to give customers options. Check out one of Mood’s recent email campaigns for great example of giving readers a choice. In one of its recent emails, Mood lets customers receive a 20% discount. However, they get to choose where they want to redeem it.

Giving people options works well for both new customers and loyal customers. It might also help boost the click-through rate of emails you send out.

Wrapping things up, email blasts can be an excellent and effective part of your company’s marketing strategy. By checking out the best email blast examples above, you should start gaining a deeper understanding of how to get your emails opened.

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