The 5 Best AI Copywriting Tools of 2022: Save More Time

In the rush to create content, many companies and people are finding it hard to crank out enough words on their own.

Enter copywriting software that uses the power of artificial intelligence. From chat bots to enemies in video games, artificial intelligence is just about everywhere these days.

With that in mind, you’ve likely seen advertising or news about AI writing software. But can artificial intelligence really take care of the content creation process by itself?

Let’s find out as I review the top AI copywriting tools.

1. Jasper (Formerly Jarvis)

Jasper main page

Source: Jasper

When it comes to the best AI copywriting tools, I have to mention Jasper. As sometimes happens, this company changed its name. You probably remember this business being called Jarvis.

While AI copywriting software isn’t quite perfect yet, in my opinion, Jasper is the tool that comes the closest to a perfect AI writing assistant.

The Main Features of Jasper

Now, let’s break down what makes Jasper one of the best AI copywriting tools out there. Here’s a closer look at the main features of Jasper.

Seriously Smart AI

When you’re thinking about using AI writing software, the intelligence powering it is extremely important.

When it comes to Jasper’s AI, it’s about as good as it gets. Whether you need SEO meta descriptions, long-form content, or something in between, Jasper’s AI is great at keeping the words coming.

You can adjust Jasper’s output, meaning you choose whether you want a few words or an entire paragraph.

Lots of Templates for Almost Any Writing Task

If you do any kind of online writing, you’ll quickly learn that content comes in many forms. One minute you might need a 1,000-word blog post. Then, you need to come up with a quick email replies or social media posts.

Regardless of what you write, you can rest assured that Jasper’s many templates can help you out.

Wanting to use one of the most time-tested sales copy techniques? Give Jasper a little information covering what you’re writing about and it will give you a detailed AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) framework.

Trying to come up with product descriptions? Fear not, Jasper has a built-in tool to help you create product descriptions like the pros.

Some of the other templates I like include those for Facebook and Google Ads. Writing compelling ad copy isn’t always easy. Fortunately, Jasper’s templates make the ad writing process much easier and quicker.

Jasper’s Command Feature

When discussing Jasper’s features, I have to mention the command feature. This simple yet intuitive feature allows you to simply type out commands to Jasper.

No complicated menus. No check-boxes. Just tell Jasper what you need and it begins outputting words.

A few examples might be something like:

“Write a paragraph about the origins of pizza.”


“Write a few sentences in a serious tone about the benefits of search engine optimization.”

Test it out. It’s kind of freaky how good Jasper is at creating content off of your commands.

Keep in mind that this option is only available for Jasper’s Boss Mode plan. Without the Boss Mode plan, you won’t have this feature.

Many Tone Options

When you create content, you’ll begin to learn the importance of tone. Since you’re using your words to get a message across to customers, your tone is incredibly important.

Unfortunately, many people (myself included) can struggle with getting the right tone in their writing. Considering that, I’ve found Jasper’s understanding of tones to be a huge help!

When I say that Jasper has a lot of tone options, I’m not kidding. Want your writing to sound like Joe Rogan, for example? Jasper can do that.

Prefer something more general like a humorous or serious tone? Let Jasper know what you want and you’ll get writing that matches the tone you requested.

Integrates With Surfer

jasper with program icons

Source: Jasper

Another quick thing I wanted to mention will be exciting if you use the Surfer SEO program. If not, you can go ahead and skip this small section.

Jasper integrates with Surfer, which makes your life a lot easier if you’re using both of these programs. Integrating Jasper with Surfer’s Content Editor and Audit features are so freaking convenient.

How Much Does Jasper Cost?

the prices of Jasper

Source: Jasper

What many people love about this copywriting software is its pay-per-word model. Instead of some crazy expensive monthly or yearly payment, Jasper has a few different pricing options.

First, there’s the Starter plan that starts out at $29 per month. This plan allows you to get 20,000 words generated by Jasper per month. If you need more words, you can buy 5,000 more at a time for an extra $10.

I would recommend Jasper’s Starter plan if you write on a part-time basis or typically write lots of short-form content like product descriptions or social media posts.

If you need more from your AI writing software, you’ll want Jasper’s Boss Mode plan. This plan costs $59 monthly or $588 annually (which comes out to $49 per month).

With the Boss Mode plan, you get 50,000 words per month. If you need more words, you can pay $40 for 30,000 more words. But, trust me, I write a lot of long-form content and I’ve never gone over the 50,000 limit.

If you write long-form content like an entire blog post every few days or you’re creating lots of sales pages, I’d recommend the Boss Mode plan.

2. CopyAI

CopyAI main page


When discussing the best AI copywriting tools, it’s also worth mentioning CopyAI. This copywriting software has a devoted fan base of over 500,000 users.

Whether you need copy for social media posts, a new blog post, digital ad copy, or something else, you can rest assured that CopyAI can probably help you out.

What’s cool about this AI writing tool is that it even has a free version for those who want to test CopyAI out. Understandably, the free version of this service only lets you create a small amount of content. However, it’s a good way to take a closer look at how this type of AI software works.

CopyAI’s Main Features



What makes CopyAI a great AI article writer? Let’s take a closer look at this product’s main features.

The Latest AI Writing Software

If you’re going to spend time (and possibly money) on copywriting software, you don’t want it using AI from the last generation. Fear not, CopyAI utilizes the power of GPT-3 writing model.

Jasper, another leader in the world of copywriting software, also uses this latest generation writing model.

By using the GPT-3 model, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best quality AI writing software available.

Many Copywriting Templates

Many writers feel that it’s helpful to have templates to use during the writing process. If that sounds like you, you’re in luck. CopyAI has a wide range of templates to help inspire great social media, ad, or website copy.

These templates are easy to use and great ways to create SEO optimized content.

Integrates with Shopify

If you want your business to appeal to its target audience, having a well-designed e-commerce website always helps. Considering that, many online business owners use Shopify to show off their products on the internet.

Should your business use Shopify and be in need of an AI-powered tool, you’re in luck. That’s because CopyAI integrates with Shopify, enabling you to easily create amazing product descriptions and much more.

How Much Does CopyAI Cost?

copy ai prices


This type of copywriting software has three available prices. You can choose the free trial option that I mentioned earlier. While this option is free, you’ll only get 10 writing credits.

However, this AI copywriting tool does offer 100 additional credits if it’s the first month you’re using this free service.

There’s also the Pro option, which costs either $49 per month or you can pay $420 annually, which brings your monthly cost to $35 per month. This option gives you unlimited credits and unlimited projects.

Lastly, there’s also a Custom option. Unless you need CopyAI for a large writing team, I can’t imagine the Pro option not being enough for you. While I’d love to give you pricing for this plan, it’s customized to each business.

So, you’d need to contact CopyAI and tell them what you’re looking for before getting your customized price.

3. Writesonic

Writesonic main page

Source: Writesonic

Another one of the most popular copywriting tools is called Writesonic. This AI writing tool is great for brands, teams, and marketing agencies. With Writesonic, you can create both short-form content and long-form content faster than ever before.

The process behind how this AI copywriting software works is fairly simple. Using this software’s interface, you enter a few lines about what you’re writing about. Next, this program automatically create content based on your input.

Writesonic’s Main Features

how does writesonic work

Source: Writesonic

Want to know more about WriteSonic? Here are a few reasons why WriteSonic is one of the best AI-powered copywriting tools on the market.

Create Content Faster with GPT-3

While you’re checking out AI writing tools, it’s good to find those that use GPT-3. This latest processing model helps AI copywriting tools generate content that most closely resembles what a human would create.

Over 40 Templates

Writesonic can create content in multiple languages (currently a little over 20 of them). This AI copywriting software also features over 40 templates to help you write everything from SEO optimized blog posts to digital ad copy.

Available in Multiple Languages

Not everyone who needs an AI copywriting tool only creates content for English speaking audiences. If you need content in multiple languages, Writesonic has you covered. This program is able to generate quality content in over 20 languages.

How Much Does Writesonic Cost?

writesonic pricing

Source: Writesonic

Writesonic currently have five separate pricing options. Let’s take a quick look at each option and what you get with it.

First, there’s a free trial available for new users only. With this free trial, you get 10 credits.

Next, we have the Basic plan that costs $15 per month or $150 if you pay annually. With this plan, you get 100 credits or up to 50,000 words for this copywriting tool to generate.

There is also the Professional plan, which costs $45 per month or $450 if you choose to pay annually. What’s great about Writesonic’s Professional plan is getting unlimited credits. I’d consider the Professional plan as the best plan to choose if you write full-time.

Your fourth option is the Startup plan. This plan is great if you manage a team that creates content. The Startup plan costs $95 if you pay on a monthly basis or $950 annually.

You can have two user seats with this plan, which I honestly feel is a little bit lacking. I wish Writesonic would let more users on the Startup plan.

Lastly, there’s also the Agency plan. The Startup plan costs either $195 per month or $1,950 per year. The main difference between the Agency and Startup plan is the number of Writesonic is the number of user seats you can have.

The Agency plan allows for a maximum of four seats. The Startup plan allows a maximum of two user seats.

4. Copysmith

copysmith main page

Source: Copysmith

If you need help getting over a bout of writer’s block, Copysmith might be what you’re looking for.

Copysmith is an AI copywriting tool that will help you or your team generate content faster than ever before. This program also has a ton of content idea templates that are a major help for creating something new.

Copysmith’s Main Features

There is a wide range of features that Copysmith provides its users. Let’s continue learning more about this copywriting tool by taking a look at its main features.

Automate Your Workflow

One feature that helps this AI copywriting software stand out from the pack is with its AI-powered workflow capabilities.

Unless you’re working completely by yourself, content has to go through several (or more) people before it’s ready for an audience.

Content writers typically come up with ideas and begin their initial drafts. After that, this content usually gets looked over and edited by an editor.

My point is: automating workflows is almost always a good thing. Use Copysmith’s workflow automation features and everyone should save more time.

Integrates With Many Third Party Programs

Content writers are rarely able to complete all of their work with just one program. That’s something the minds behind Copysmith understand, which is why this program integrates with many third party programs.

First, Copysmith integrates with Frase. If you haven’t heard of Frase, this program provides incredibly valuable seo-related information. Frase can help generate topics, keywords, and much more.

Copysmith also integrates with Google Ads, one of the most popular advertising platforms on the internet. By integrating with Google Ads, you can use Copysmith to create and launch digital ads ASAP.

If you write a lot of sales copy and product descriptions, you might be glad to know that Copysmith also integrates with Shopify. This integration enables you to generate content for e-commerce websites faster than ever before.

Whether you’re creating blog ideas, sales copy, or something similar, you probably use Microsoft Word. With that in mind, you’ll be happy to learn that Copysmith’s AI software has a built-in Microsoft Word integration.

Gain Expertise

Another frequent part of creating content involves researching. Something I mentioned earlier is that many types of AI copywriting software struggle with stating factual information (especially if the topic is brand-new).

Enter Ali, Copysmith’s AI researcher who’s always staying up to date on the latest topics to help you create quality content.

While she might be a virtual AI writing assistant, Ali is definitely a valuable service that Copysmith offers.

How Much Money Does Copysmith Cost?

copysmith prices

Source: Copysmith

First, Copysmith currently offers a week-long free trial. This free trial gives you seven days to see if Copysmith’s right for you or not. Plus, there’s no credit card required and that’s a major plus.

Let’s look at Copysmith’s Starter plan, which starts at $19 per month. This plan gives you 50 credits to use with Copysith’s AI copywriting tool. This plan is best if you primarily create social media content, Google ads, and other types of short-form content.

If the Starter plan’s credits aren’t enough, consider upgrading to Copysmith’s Professional plan. This plan gives you 400 credits per month, which is great if you write blog posts and other types of long-form content.

Lastly, Copysmith also offers an Enterprise plan. This plan offers you or your work team unlimited credits. While this plan offers unlimited credits to use, pricing is only available to you after scheduling a demo.

5. Writecream


Source: Writecream

Not everyone interested in the best AI copywriting software wants to write long-form content or even a blog post. Unlike other AI copywriting tools, Writecream specializes in generating content for emails.

Another thing that makes Writecream an excellent AI writer has to do with its podcast and video voiceover capabilities. Yes, Writecream can be used to add AI voices. This means that your business can basically have podcasts and voiceover videos on-demand with Writecream.

Writecream’s Main Features

main features of writecream

Source: Writecream

What does this copywriting tool have to offer? Here’s more information about the main features of Writecream.

Speeding Up the Writing Process

If you’re interested in the best AI copywriting software, one reason for this could be that you want to save time. Fortunately, Writecream has a ton of features to help you write blog posts and other types of content faster than before.

Break the Ice

Not all types of content creation have to do with search engines or social media ads. Sometimes, you’ll need to create high-quality content for people you’re speaking with. Considering that, Writecream created a special feature that automatically creates content for conversational purposes.

Writecream can help you come up with ice-breakers and responses to keep the conversations going strong.

Create High-Quality Content in Over 75 Languages

Every AI tool is this list is capable of content creation for English speaking users. But what if you need to create high-quality content in a foreign language?

Fortunately, Writecream can help you out. This tool can help content writers come up with content in over 75 languages.

How Much Does Writecream Cost?

prices writecream

Source: Writecream

Writecream has several available options for its customers. First, there’s the Free Forever plan. What makes this free plan different from others is that, as its name implies, it’s free forever.

With that said, the free plan that Writecream offers does limit you to 20 credits each month. These credits come out to about 40,000 characters (not words).

Next, there’s the Standard plan. This plan costs $49 per month and gives you 200 credits per month. This plan lets you automate about 6,000 words of writing per month.

If you need more website copy, you might want to check out Writecream’s Extended plan. This plan gives you 750 credits, which is 1.5 million characters. I’d recommend this plan if you create a lot of long-form marketing copy and blog content.

Should you need more than what any of the previously mentioned plans provide, you’ll want to check out Writecream’s Custom plan. To get the full details of a customized plan, you’ll have to get in contact with Writecream.

What Is AI Writing Software?

An AI copywriting tool uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate words. Some of the best AI copywriting software can create various types of copy, including product descriptions,

The Benefits of AI Copywriting Software

Still on the fence about whether or not AI copywriting is right for you? I get it. With that in mind, here are a few of the main benefits of using an AI tool to help with creating content.

Saving Time

There’s no doubt that it takes time to create quality content. Under the right circumstances, a copywriting tool can help you save a little or a lot of time. It’s hard for me to know exactly how much time you’ll save.

I’ve seen sales copy from these companies promising they can help you write anywhere from two to ten times faster than normal.

Getting Rid of Writer’s Block

Something almost every single person encounters in the content creation process is that nasty side effect called writer’s block.

Making matters worse, it’s not like you can visit a local emergency room or doctor’s office complaining of writer’s block. I mean, you could, but you’re gonna get some strange looks.

Fortunately, copywriting software can be a great way to get rid of writer’s block. You’d be amazed at how useful a few sentences from an AI writer can get those creative juices flowing.

Drawbacks of Using AI Copywriting Tools

We spent time looking at the benefits of using the best AI copywriting software. Now, let’s take a look at the drawbacks of using AI software to create content.

Results Can Vary

Plain and simple, AI writing software still needs some work.

Do I think that certain AI copywriting tools are worth checking out? Definitely. But, as of now, think of these tools as more of an article writing assistant than a magic button that outputs 100% perfect content.

Before you start using even the best AI copywriting tools, be prepared to do some cleaning up before you publish anything these programs generate.

You’re Probably Going to Need to Fact Check

Another thing to mention when discussing automated copywriting software is the need to fact-check.

Fact-checking on-the-fly might be easy if you create blog posts around subjects you know well. If you’re using an AI writing tool for subjects you’re unfamiliar with, try to dedicate some time to fact check any AI generated content.

It’s (Most Likely) Gonna Cost Ya

If you begin enjoying the time that AI copywriting software saves, a free plan will only get you so far. Considering that, you’re going to have to pay money for long-term use of an AI copywriting tool.

I hope you enjoyed this deep dive into the best AI writing tools. While AI copywriting software has a ways to go in the quality department, these programs can still help you cure writer’s block and create quality content. If you don’t mind taking a second look at what an AI writing assistant generates, these programs can be a great purchase for you or your business.