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The 19 Best Online Marketing Platforms (Updated for 2023)

Many companies struggle with marketing their respective businesses. Fortunately, there are lots of companies that can help you out if you know where you look.

With that in mind, I wanted to put together a list (in no particular order) of the best online marketing platforms. You’ll find helpful digital marketing tools, marketing automation platforms, email marketing tools, and much more!

Let’s not waste anymore time and get right into this list. Each company in this list was chosen based on research from popular websites that aggregate data about online marketing platform businesses and tools I personally use.

Don’t have time to read the list? No worries! Here’s a super fast look at my top picks for the best online marketing platforms.

  • HubSpot: The best marketing platform with many free sales, marketing, and operations tools.
  • Canva: Using Canva, anyone can create high-quality images, videos, and infographics.
  • Weebly: An easy way to build your company’s new website.
  • Fiverr: Inexpensive help for marketing-related tasks, starting at only $5.
  • Wishpond: Powerful all-in-one-marketing tools

1. Hubspot: Too many free online marketing tools to count!

digital marketing tools

When you’re looking for the best online marketing platform, it’s good to have one that’s able to meet your business wherever it’s currently at. After all, not everyone’s going to have the budget and goals of a large corporation.

However, you might also not be a brand-new business owner. Regardless of what stage you’re in regarding owning or working for another company, HubSpot can take care of you.

So, what makes HubSpot such a great solution? Let’s take a look at each of HubSpot’s five main hubs.

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A ton of free marketing tools

Understandably, you’re probably here because you want to learn about the best online marketing platforms. HubSpot’s Marketing Hub might be that tool you’re looking for.

First, HubSpot has a toon of free (yes, FREE) marketing tools. With this free service, HubSpot will help your business with:

  • email marketing
  • help creating landing pages
  • managing contacts
  • creating and tracking social media posts
  • tracking and analyzing traffic across multiple platforms

What’s great about all these free tools is that there’s no credit card required. I use HubSpot’s free digital marketing tools for a wide range of projects. There’s no catch, no trial garbage, just unlimited access to amazing free digital marketing tools.

Here’s a quick walk-through of everything HubSpot’s free Marketing Hub has to offer.

Manage all of your contacts

Whether you have a marketing team or it’s just you, someone’s going to be speaking with contacts. Fortunately, HubSpot’s CRM is one of the best online marketing platforms to ensure every task is easy to take care of.

Whether you’re wanting to automate inbound marketing or outbound marketing, this free CRM is work checking out.

One of my favorite features of this CRM is being able to have email, social, phone numbers, and other contact info for my leads all in one easy-to-access place.

A free email marketing tool (that’s actually good)

If you’re like me, you’ve spent a lot of time using free email programs that, well, suck. They’re either too complicated or limit you so much to the point of being nearly useless.

I’m here to tell you HubSpot’s free email marketing tools are amazing.

The drag-and-drop email builder makes it super easy to create emails – no coding or HTML knowledge required.

You’ll like how fast you can create great-looking emails. HubSpot automatically has a ton of templates you can use and play around with to make your own.

Hubspot also allows you to send emails directly from your web browser. You can also schedule emails to send to your recipients at whatever time you’d like.

Learn more about your traffic

Some companies spend thousands of dollars on competitive analysis tools and other marketing software with one main goal: find out what people do on a company’s online channels.

Chances are, this same thing has happened to you while browsing a company’s website (whether you were aware of it or not).

Some of the best online marketing platforms like HotJar, Google Analytics, and others all do this. Why? Because it’s great for providing actionable insights as to what is going right and wrong with a company’s marketing strategy.

Connecting HubSpot to your website doesn’t require much digital marketing knowledge. It’s as simple as copy and pasting some text. If you use WordPress, HubSpot has a self-titled free plugin that connects your website automatically.

Like Google Analytics, HubSpot does a great job of measuring your website traffic and what visitors do once they’re on your website. Use this data in your digital marketing campaigns to learn what’s going well and what needs to change.

Create free forms in minutes

Most marketing activities require communication between a company and its current or potential customers. Fortunately, HubSpot provides one of the best online marketing platforms for its huge library of intuitive forms.

You can create and edit forms to capture leads in minutes by using HubSpot’s top digital marketing tools.

What’s also cool is that HubSpot’s Form Designer has tons of advanced features, allowing you to choose where you want the user to go next. If you’re looking for an amazing way to begin customer relationships, check out the form tools in Hubspot’s free plan.

Design professional landing pages fast

A marketing tool that every company needs is something to help them create landing pages. The problem is that most landing page builders are either expensive, hard-to-use, or both!

Fortunately, HubSpot is the best online marketing platform for companies that need landing pages. This library of examples makes it easy for your business to reach its target audience. First, you can design landing pages based on your company’s digital marketing goals.

Maybe one of your company’s digital marketing initiatives is to make more sales. Perfect, drive them to product or service landing pages. Maybe you have an upcoming webinar? HubSpot has a landing page for that, too.

No matter whether you’re trying to reach new customers, established customers, or another audience, it’s worth checking out HubSpot’s many landing pages.

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Many ways to ramp up your sales

In most cases, the end goal of digital marketing is to make sales. That’s why I also wanted to give you a quick background on HubSpot’s free Sales Hub. When you create your free HubSpot account, all of the hubs are linked. So, this one will be right by the Marketing Hub in your main menu.

Organizing clients and leads easily

One of the best things of the Sales Hub is the Deals section, which easily lets you organize and segment your audiences. Doing this is a must to keep user engagement high among where a user is in your company’s marketing and sales funnels.

You can easily sort clients by Closed Won, Closed Lost, Qualified, Not Qualified, and many other segments. Whether you are using digital marketing or traditional marketing methods, there’s a lot to love in this pick for one of the best online marketing platforms.

Have an easier time using data for marketing

Whether you’re looking at social media platforms, your website, or another marketing platform, all of these typically involved working with lots of data. Considering that, it’s always good for a sales campaign management system to make it easy to work with your data.

If you or your sales team need an easy way to sort lead information, HubSpot offers many easy ways to filter your company’s lead data. Sort by dates, locations, behaviors, and much more! After using this tool, you’ll find it amazing that it’s able to be offered for free.

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Improve customer service with HubSpot’s free operations tools

While it’s not something you want think about, there could be times when your website or something similar isn’t working properly.

A good service platform is something you hope to never use, but will be so glad to have it when something goes wrong. Whether it’s downtime-related or another issue, HubSpot’s Service Hub can help.

Free live chat

There’s no denying the popularity of live chat. You might have even used a live chat feature in the past.

Will every customer use live chat? Probably not. But the ones who need it will be glad it’s there. Having a live chat feature can work wonders for improving customer relationship management.

Plus, a live chat feature gives you accurate insights about how readers feel about your website. You can customize a schedule around your company’s business hours, ensuring someone’s always there to chat!

You can even connect Hubspot’s live chat to other digital platforms, including Facebook Messenger.

Integrates with many programs

What would any of the best online marketing platforms be if they didn’t integrate with other popular tools? HubSpot wouldn’t know, it integrates with over 25 popular applications. Some of the marketing systems and programs HubSpot integrates with includes:

  • Mailchimp
  • Google Contacts
  • Outreach
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Freshdesk
  • Intercom
  • Stripe
  • Xero
  • and MANY other tools

Admitedly, while the sales and marketing hub had lengthy entries, the operations hub is fairly easier to explain: it’s the home of HubSpot’s many integrations.

With so many things available to both free and paid users, HubSpot has all the tools you need in one of the best online marketing platforms.

2. Canva: a huge library of images and design templates

marketing platform

No digital marketing campaigns are complete without professionally designed images. But you don’t need to hire a professional graphic designer. You need Canva, a free design tool that can create about any image you can think of!

Almost all of the images on this website? Made on Canva. And I have ZERO design experience! That’s how well Canva works.

Canva can provide designs and images for all of your content marketing campaigns. This program allows anyone, regardless of their design experience, to create logos, flyers, blog images, video intros, social media ads, and much more!

This design tool also features drag-and-drop editing, letting you customize an image or design exactly to your liking. The free version of Canva has a lot of templates, images, and videos. Canva also makes it easy for marketing professionals to effortlessly collaborate and share projects with each other.

If you want everything Canva has to offer, you’ll want Canva Pro.

Canva Pro is the paid version of Canva, and honestly, it’s worth the $12.99 per month. With Canva Pro, you get the following key features:

  • 600,000 easy-to-use design templates
  • Over 100 MILLION photos, videos, and graphics to use in your projects
  • 100 brand kits
  • Up to 1 TB of cloud storage
  • 24/7 support

With Canva Pro, you also get access to a powerful social media marketing automation tool. That’s because Canva Pro can automatically schedule and post content to a wide range of social media platforms.

If you want to check out one of the best online marketing platforms for designing, definitely check out Canva.

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3. Weebly: an easy way to create a professional website

digital marketing tool

No digital marketing plan is complete with a great looking, fully-functional website. There’s just one problem: creating a website can be confusing and time-consuming.

If you need a professional website fast, you need Weebly. This free website builder is a fast and easy way to create websites that look great.

How important is having a website that looks and performs well? Research shows that you only have 50 milliseconds for a visitor to form an opinion of your website. If readers see an ugly or outdated website, they’re probably leaving.

It doesn’t matter if you have no website design experience, Weebly is not complicated. Weebly features a ton of helpful and interactive tutorials that show you everything you need to know.

While the free version of Weebly can get your website started, it is a bit limiting. For instance, free Weebly users can have websites that only feature a few pages. If you’re going to launch an e-commerce website or take orders, you’re probably going to want one of Weebly’s paid options.

Unless you’re launching a massive website, Weebly’s Personal option should give you more than enough tools and features. For only $9 per month, Weebly’s Personal users get:

  • A fully-featured, ad-free website
  • Access to create unlimited pages and posts on your website
  • A custom domain for your website (no more .weebly in your URL)
  • The ability to create e-commerce websites with unlimited items
  • Take orders and receive payment through your website

Weebly’s paid users can also have a lot of help in the digital marketing department. Weebly is one of the best online marketing platforms because of its range of SEO tools. This feature alone saves you a ton of time and money not worrying about SEO or showing up in search engines.

Weebly also gives you access to powerful data for marketing analytics purposes. You can see how many visitors your website receives, where they’re coming from, and how much money you’re making!

Plus, Weebly recently launched a pretty cool email marketing tool. This program lets you create amazing email campaigns and messages that anyone would want in their inbox. You can also this email marketing software to find out how well each of your messages perform.

In my over 10 years of being a digital marketer, I can say this is one of the best online marketing platforms I’ve ever used.

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4. Fiverr: hire people per-project for almost anything

online marketing tools

If you’re just getting started in the world of digital marketing, you might not have a big budget to work with. After all, who wants to spend $500 on a website that isn’t making money yet? Not me.

With Fiverr, you can get help with just about anything for about $5. You don’t buy services directly from Fiverr, instead it’s from this company’s large network of freelancers and workers.

So, what can you find on Fiverr? From an online marketing standpoint, quite a lot. Some examples of the services offered by this pick for the best online marketing platform includes:

  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Marketing analytics
  • Logo creation
  • Graphic design

You can also use Fiverr to sell your own services. You’re probably not going to get rich selling services on Fiverr, but it can definitely help you pay the bills. I was on Fiverr for a year or so before launching some of my websites.

Would I trust someone to put together an entire marketing strategy for me on this platform? Probably not. But there is a ton of highly-skilled and professional freelancers on Fiverr.

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5. Wishpond: a powerful all-in-one marketing tool

marketing automation

If you’re looking for a goldmine in the world of the best online marketing platforms, Wishpond probably has what you’re looking for. This company can help your business design a better website, have an easier time managing leads, sending emails with ease, and much more.

One of the main advantages of Wishpond is how much cool technology this company has under its belt. Your business can start utilizing this technology to capture more leads, sending amazing emails, and running incredibly popular social media promotions.

Wishpond is also great if your business needs a great looking website, but you don’t want to spend the time and effort learning web design. With Wishpond, you’ll have this company’s team of expert designers working to create something beautiful and unique for your business.

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6. BenchmarkONE

benchmark one

Now, more than ever, it’s imperative for companies to stay in constant contact with their customers and partners. With BenchmarkONE, you’ll be able to automate many of the things you’re doing manually.

A few notable features of BenchmarkONE include a WYSIWYG email editor, email scheduling, an awesome form creator, help with mobile optimization, and much more. BenchmarkONE also provides lots of help with managing leads. By offering one of the best online marketing platforms, you can segment, nurture, score, and grade leads with BenchmarkONE.

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7. Kentico Xperience

xperience by kentico

I unintentionally brag that I’ve been in the digital marketing world since 2012. That used to make me feel pretty good. Then I found out Kentico has been doing this since 2004!

In all seriousness, Xentico Xperience is one of this company’s excellent line of products. Kentico Xperience manages your company’s content, digital marketing efforts, and ecommerce tools.

The best part? You also have to use one platform (Kentico Xperience) to manage all of this. No more hopping between windows like a maniac all day!

Kentico Xperience is great for people who want a seamless marketing experience for their customers without having to jump between multiple programs. You can easily handle most if not all of your company’s marketing campaigns through this selection of the best online marketing platform.

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8. OutboundEngine

outbound engine logo

Most people in the online marketing industry realize it helps to be good at multitasking. You’ve got websites, social media pages, and advertising campaigns to manage. Needless to say, it can get more than a little hectic.

If you’re looking for a more hands-off way to manage this side of your business, it’s time to learn about OutboundEngine. This company helps create and automate your company’s marketing campaigns.

OutboundEngine is one of the best online marketing platforms that provides your business with great content that’s relevant to your niche. You’ll also receive metrics regarding the ongoing statuses of your company’s campaigns.

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9. SharpSpring


These days, automation technology enables companies of all sizes to be more efficient and waste less time. If you and your employees are tired of doing everything manually, you might be interested in SharpSpring.

SharpSpring’s is a great pick for the best online marketing platform is that it’s filled to the brim with features. With this company’s software, you’ll be able to automate many marketing processes. You’ll also receive reports and analytics about the status of your current campaigns.

Companies don’t want a platform that can’t integrate with what they already use. Fortunately, SharpSpring easily integrates with many popular marketing tools including Salesforce, Google Ads, Twitter, Shopify, Twitter, and many more.

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10. Keap


Small businesses are the backbone of the working world. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes hard for small business owners to find online marketing platforms that appeal to them. Keap is here to solve this problem.

Keap is one of the best online marketing platforms because it focuses on helping small businesses with their sales and marketing efforts. With this company’s software, you can start automating how you manage contacts, CRM systems, and e-commerce capabilities.

Other popular features of Keap include a lead management system that makes creating, editing, and publishing content a breeze to do. If your business needs to generate more leads, you might also like Keap’s social lead generation system.

Another great reason to sign up with Keap is for its app marketplace. With this marketplace, you can access over 70 tools that are all compatible with Keap’s line of software. These endless options help ensure Keap’s place as one of the best online marketing platforms.

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11. GoSquared


GoSquared includes a ton of beneficial features for SaaS businesses including an awesome customer data hub. In this hub, you can learn more about your customers as well as the best ways to engage with them.

Another great feature making GoSquared one of the best marketing platforms is its live chat features. With this, you can talk directly to your website visitors. I’ve been able to test this out and it’s amazing. If you’re struggling to convert visitors, you need GoSquared’s live chat system.

SaaS company owners should also enjoy GoSquared’s robust analytics features. With it’s real-time web analytics, you can know how your website is performing around the clock.

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12. Spokal


There’s no doubt that many people struggle with social media management, myself included. One reason I sometimes struggle with social media is because there’s so much going on in that world. You need to manage platforms, likes, share, comments, followers… you get the point.

Fortunately, Spokal exists and this social media management software has a lot to enjoy. To better explain, Spokal breaks its process down into a few steps:

  1. Add your content into Spokal’s library.
  2. Create a schedule when you want to post your content.
  3. Tinker with a large amount of settings to perfect your social media campaign. Or don’t.
  4. Fully automate your company’s social media efforts.

Spokal is one of the best online marketing platforms to take the guesswork and frustration out of social media management.

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13. Jumplead


Something many brands struggle with isn’t how to get traffic, it’s how to convert these visitors into leads. To find help with gaining leads and converting them, Jumplead might be a great business partner for your company.

Jumplead has a range of tools to help your business with many things including:

  • Creating landing pages
  • Sending emails
  • Automating marketing efforts
  • Managing and communicating with leads from multiple sources
  • Offering live chat

The main features of Jumplead is that it offers cost-effective and easy to understand marketing solutions for your business. Jumplead is also the best online marketing platform for managing your company’s pipelines.

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14. Kareo


While marketing is important, there are others performing much more important work caring for other human beings. If you work for or own an independent practice, it’s often hard to make time for marketing.

With Kareo, your practice has a helping hand searching for and engaging with patients. Kareo offers four main modules:

  • Clinical
  • Engage
  • Billing
  • Managed Billing

Kareo Clinical is my pick for the best online marketing platform for medical businesses. This platform helps your practice write prescriptions, take better notes, manage code encounters, and much more in a cloud-based system.

With Kareo Billing and Managed Billing, your practice has software that makes in-house billing easier than ever. Kareo Billing features both mobile and web-based applications to handle the financial side of things.

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15. Growave


Unfortunately, many companies tout their all-in-one marketing platforms as being able to take care of everything. With that said, few live up to such a promise. With Growave, you’re actually getting an all-in-one online marketing solution.

Growave partners with thousands of brands around the world and it’s easy to see why. This company offers tools that make finding, engaging with, and converting customers easier than ever before.

By relying on Growave as one of the best online marketing platforms, you’re partnering with a company that wants to make marketing simple for business and deliver stellar results at the same time. Growave also offers an extensive range of Shopify tools to make managing your ecommerce venture easier than ever.

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Even people who have a basic idea of search engine optimization (SEO) can find themselves getting overwhelmed quickly. If you’re new to digital marketing, you might not be ready for the time (and energy) investment needed to deepen your SEO knowledge.

For an easier way to market your business online, LOCALiQ might be for you. This pick for one of the best online marketing platforms can help your company with SEO, social media marketing, web design, retargeting, live chat, creating brand ambassadors, and much more.

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17. LeadsPedia


If your business needs help managing leads, you’ll want to know about LeadsPedia. This company specializes in helping to improve the way your business finds, gets, and engages with its leads.

Notable features of LeadsPedia include an entire fraud detection system, geo-targeting, being able to manage unlimited verticals, and much more. LeadsPedia also integrates seamlessly with PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net to make payments easy to accept.

With so many companies utilizing word-of-mouth and affiliate marketing programs, it can get confusing regarding who to payout and when. With LeadsPedia, your business will have an easy time managing revenue and payout models for these groups.

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18. emfluence


With many companies trying to apply a one-size-fits-none strategy to online marketing, it’s great to see emfluence take a more personalized approach. This company works to understand a company’s audience, its goals, and how to make them both meet in a satisfying way.

Instead of looking at business by numbers and statistics, emfluence offers one of the best online marketing platforms because it understands the human side of things. Also, you don’t have to worry about emfluence not understanding your company and its industry.

Since its beginnings, emfluence has worked with companies from the worlds of fashion, travel, education, finance, and so many more. For a marketing partner that focuses on people instead of throwing a bunch of numbers at metrics at you, contact emfluence.

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19. ReachLocal

We’ve spent a lot of time learning about how companies can market their business to people from around the nation or world. However, that’s not what every business owner is looking for. Instead, some are wanting to keep things local and reach these types of customers.

For help with local marketing, ReachLocal is here to assist your business. ReachLocal has been helping companies grow locally by utilizing digital marketing strategies for the past 10 years. In this time, this company has built up a long list of loyal clients.

As the name implies, ReachLocal’s is one of the best online marketing platforms for local-based marketing. However, this company recently launched a national marketing service that’s great for when your business is ready to expand.

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If your business needs an online marketing platform, there are many companies that have what you’re looking for. When you have time, consider visiting the previously mentioned websites to learn more about these businesses.

Not ready to commit to any of the best online marketing platforms? That’s cool. You might enjoy my recent about the best content marketing blogs for some awesome tips.

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