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The 10 Best Online Reputation Management Services of 2024

It takes many steps and processes to keep a company successful. Unfortunately, things happen that business owners don’t want to think about. Those moments that catch a company off-guard. Some of which get so bad they put a company under.

Understandably, you’re reading this because you don’t want this happening to your company. But, what exactly can you do to stop these events from happening. Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict the future. However, you can be prepared for anything the future holds with the help of online reputation management.

It’s now time to learn more about the best online reputation management services. I want to make a quick note that these listings aren’t ranked in any kind of order.

With that said, having spent so long in the content marketing industry, I know there are a lot of sketchy companies out there. To help you out, all of these picks are either companies I’ve personally done business with or thoroughly researched before adding them to the list.

1. Podium


Podium is one of the best online reputation management services for many reasons. One quality of this service is how easy Podium is to use. You won’t have to worry about long set up times or complicated initial instructions when getting started with Podium.

This services works by sending out text messages to a specified audience. Best of all, your company is in complete control of when you message clients and what you’ll say in these texts.

Podium also helps your company manage reviews as they come in. With Podium, it’s much easier than normal to gather and share reviews. Podium also integrates with popular review websites like Google and Facebook. By gaining a closer look at how your company’s reviews are skewing, you’ll have an easier time understanding how to proceed with important company matters like marketing automation.

Another great reason to consider Podium is because it provides your business with detailed analytics. With this analytical information, your company can understand what it’s doing right and what might need improvement.

With that said, Podium does require clients to sign a yearly contract. Signing a contract might not be a big deal for your company. However, not every company wants to be locked into a yearly contract.

2. WebiMax


Should you find your website, company, or brand has something negative about them, contact WebiMax. This business offers a range of online reputation management services.

WebiMax can provide you with both negative and positive content reports. With these reports, you can instantly know how much positive and negative online feedback your company receives. But, these reports are only one part of WebiMax’s reputation management arsenal.

This company can also work on promoting positive content while working to remove or downplay the popularity of negative content. You can even learn about unclaimed profiles, reclaiming them to generate more popularity online.

If you don’t want to deal with a yearly contract, you’ll be glad to know that WebiMax offers month-to-month contracts. This pricing system is good for companies that don’t want to get locked into a yearly agreement.

3. Gadook

Gadook is another powerhouse in the online reputation management world. This business has a range of online reputation management services including brand building, re-branding, social media optimization, and reputation management.

If you’re looking to have all of your company’s reputation management services in one place, working with Gadook is a great way to accomplish this goal. With every client this company gets, it creates an online reputation management service customized to suit its goals.

As mentioned, with Gadook’s additional social media optimization services, this agency knows how to improve the reputation of its clients.

4. Go Fish Digital

go fish

If I had to choose a one of the best online reputation management services for larger businesses, it would be difficult to not recommend Go Fish Digital.

This company is a bit pricier than others, charging (on average) $100-$150 per hour. With that said, the comprehensive package this company offers justifies this company’s costs.

Go Fish Digital has a team of talented content creators to create new, optimized content for your websites or social media pages. If your company is focusing more on removing negative content, Go Fish Digital does that too.

Another big issue that this business solves involves online review improvement. I’ll admit, this was a service that I wanted to offer the world back in 2014. I sucked at this, Go Fish Digital doesn’t.

For example, Go Fish Digital has a way to track and alert Yelp of any one to two star reviews about your business that don’t follow Yelp’s guidelines. This company can also make good reviews more prominent.

I have no idea how these magicians do this stuff. But, I do know that you can visit Go Fish Digital’s website if you need help with your company’s reputation.

5. Trustpilot


Chances are, when scoping out online reviews, you’ve seen Trustpilot appear a few times. That’s because this is a company that prides itself on the transparency of its online reviews.

Because it’s such a popular platform, it could be a wise decision to partner with this online reputation management service.

Trustpilot can help boost the power of your company’s marketing strategy by helping you collect and showcase reviews received through Trustpilot.

You can also use Trustpilot’s real-time customer insights to power up your company’s reputation management strategy.

6. NetReputation

Another one of the best online reputation management services is NetReputation. When a company begins working with NetReputation, this business take a complete look at the online reputation of every new customer.

Something that sets this reputation management service apart from certain others is its ability to sometimes remove negative reviews and mentions of your company. Of course, NetReputation only uses legal methods of removing content.

Having the ability to remove negative search results is a major perk of working with NetReputation. This company can’t guarantee it will remove all negative search results, but its VERY good at removing most of them.

Another cool feature of NetReputation is its gap analysis. This feature allows you to learn the differences between you and your competitors in terms of search engine optimization efforts and results.

NetReputation can also help improve your social media marketing efforts. With its influencer and hashtag search feature, this online reputation management service scans social media to identify influencers and trends your business should check out.

What also makes NetReputation one of the best reputation management companies is its ability to build websites and claim business listings on behalf of your brand.

NetReputation can even help you with your company’s content marketing efforts! This online reputation management service can help you come up with content ideas, outlines, press releases, blog posts, and much more!

7. Birdeye


If you need help with online reputation management, you might want to consider partnering up with Birdeye. This online reputation management service can help you claim business listings, convert customers, and provide an amazing experience.

Birdeye’s listing feature can help your company claim all of the popular business listings and social profiles. This service also makes sure that you have accurate and updated information about your brand online. It can also help increase your odds of being found locally, reducing your company’s need for local SEO services.

Another one of Birdeye’s great features is its ability to help you get more online reviews. You can also have a helping hand with review management by using Birdeye’s dashboard to monitor all of your reviews from a single website.

Birdeye also monitors the web for negative reviews, allowing you to quickly respond and uphold its online reputation. For ultimate online review management, you can also create and send out surveys to find out what customers think about your business.

Something else that many companies do to promote a positive brand image is start a referral program. If you want to boost your reputation online, you’ll be glad to know that Birdeye offers its own in-app referral program.

A referral program is a key component of any good marketing strategy. Instead of having to research, reach out to, and pay another company for help with referrals, Birdeye does it for you.

8. BrandYourself

Another good partner to consider if you want to improve your brand’s online reputation is BrandYourself. Now, it’s worth mentioning that this online reputation management service works primarily for people and not companies.

BrandYourself can help you get a reputation report that scans the web to find out where you’re showing up at online and what people are saying about you.

This online reputation service can also remove potentially risky content. It can also help you protect your private information from hackers and other unwanted parties.

You’ll also want to know about BrandYourself’s brand management services. This company’s service integrates with Yelp, Google, Trustpilot, and other companies to act as your business’ reputation manager.

It’s also worth mentioning how BrandYourself can help with employee branding. These days, your employees are in many places online. To ensure they’re not hurting the public’s perception of your business, check out BrandYourself’s online reputation management services for employees.

BrandYourself can also help with the negative side of reputation management. I don’t know how they do it, but this online reputation management company can help ensure that bad reviews and search engine results are “dealt with.”

9. InboundJunction

If you want a complete online reputation management service, you might find it by working with InboundJunction. This company offers a wide range of custom reputation management services.

One of this company’s most popular offerings is its reputation services. InboundJunction’s online reputation services help ensure that positive mentions of your company get top-billing, making public relations a breeze for your business.

Companies wanting to make more of an impact on social media will love InboundJunction’s influencer marketing services. This allows InboundJunction to act as a sort of social media management service, working with influencers to develop positive online reputations for its customers.

Another great way this company can help with online reputation repair is through its content amplification service. This service allows InboundJunction to create a custom strategy that gets your company’s content to receive massive exposure.

If your business needs more momentum and revenue, consider contact this online reputation management service.

10. Reputation Rhino

Another online reputation management firm worth giving special mention to is Reputation Rhino. This company is a digital marketing and public relations powerhouse. It’s also won a ton of awards.

If you want to work with this reputation management expert, there’s a lot of things it can do for your business. Let’s start out by taking a look at how Reputation Rhino helps your company with reviews.

With its online review management system, Reputation Rhino monitors the business reviews your company receives. It can also help create and send out review requests, which helps boost your company’s online reputation.

Reputation Rhino also provides a review monitoring service. This service enables your company to learn whether it’s maintaining a negative or positive reputation online. Plus, this feature makes it easy for your business to instantly respond to online reviews.

This company can also help your business with its search engine optimization efforts. Search engine optimization is the practice of getting a website properly set up to rank well in search engines. Understandably, the long and technical process of optimizing a website isn’t for everyone.

Reputation Rhino’s search engine optimization services help ensure that your company maintains a positive online reputation. This company can form a complete digital marketing strategy for your company. Reputation Rhino also works to remove negative search results mentioning your business.

What Is An Online Reputation Management Service?

I once read that life is like a video game because, if you encounter enemies, you’re usually doing something right.

While I’m not encouraging anyone to go make any new enemies, let’s just say that certain companies (i.e. your competitors) might not be happy that your website is overtaking theirs in popularity, search rankings, and profit.

I always discourage putting another company or person down to get ahead. But, not everyone shares these same values.  Even worse, if they’re SEO-savvy, negative content about your business written by a third-party can start showing up when people look your business up online.

This is where online reputation management services enter the picture. These companies utilize a combination of tools, skills, and experience to either increase visibility of good content about your company. Some services focus more on removing (in one way or another) negative content about your business.

What Are the Benefits of Working With Online Reputation Management Services?

Before you start working with an online reputation management company, it’s understandable to learn why these businesses can be so beneficial to work with. Here are some of the main reasons why it can be wise to partner with a reputation management service.

Showing Your Brand to the Public in the Best Possible Light

It’s understandable to hold a company that you worked hard to build in high regard. To protect your company’s image, it’s good to have an online reputation management company in its corner.

By partnering with an online reputation management service, they’ll work to make sure that positive reviews and mentions get displayed to your target audience.

Retaining Customers

We spent a lot of time discussing how your company’s online reputation affects new customers. But what should you do to keep customers around who might not be loyal?

If you work with a business reputation management company, it will make sure that positive reviews and mentions get seen by all of your customers. Over time, these positive messages can work wonders for helping you retain customers.

Help Lowering the Visibility of Negative Mentions

No matter how hard you work, it’s almost impossible to avoid getting negative reviews here and there. Fortunately, reputation management companies help with review management.

Managing reviews is something every company should do. But few businesses have the time or resources to maintain proper review management.

If you’re working with an online reputation management service, this company will actively monitor review sites. By doing this, this company can track and report suspicious reviews that are often fake.

As you can see, the best online reputation management services can do quite a lot for your business. Soon, you can start turning those who are on the fence about your business into brand ambassadors. Having a good reputation is also a key aspect of gaining more referrals. If you need help with online reputation management, consider checking out one of the companies mentioned in this post.

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