It takes many steps and processes to keep a company successful. Unfortunately, things happen that business owners don’t want to think about. Those moments that catch a company off-guard. Some of which get so bad they put a company under.

Understandably, you’re reading this because you don’t want this happening to your company. But, what exactly can you do to stop these events from happening. Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict the future. However, you can be prepared for anything the future holds with the help of online reputation management services.

What Are Online Reputation Management Services?

best online reputation management software

I once read that life is like a video game because, if you encounter enemies, you’re usually doing something right.

While I’m not encouraging anyone to go make any new enemies, let’s just say that certain companies (i.e. your competitors) might not be happy that your website is overtaking theirs in popularity, search rankings, and profit.

I always discourage putting another company or person down to get ahead. But, not everyone shares these same values.  Even worse, if they’re SEO-savvy, negative content about your business written by a third-party can start showing up when people look your business up online.

This is where online reputation management services enter the picture. These companies utilize a combination of tools, skills, and experience to either increase visibility of good content about your company. Some services focus more on removing (in one way or another) negative content about your business.

What Are The Best Online Reputation Management Services?

It’s now time to learn more about the best online brand reputation management services. I want to make a quick note that these listings aren’t ranked in any kind of order.

With that said, having spent so long in the content marketing industry, I know there are a lot of sketchy companies out there. To help you out, all of these picks are either companies I’ve personally done business with or thoroughly researched before adding them to the list.

1. Podium

Podium is a great reputation management services for many reasons. One quality of this service is how easy Podium is to use. You won’t have to worry about long set up times or complicated initial instructions when getting started with Podium.

This services works by sending out text messages to a specified audience. Best of all, your company is in complete control of when you message clients and what you’ll say in these texts.

Podium also helps your company manage reviews as they come in. With Podium, it’s much easier than normal to gather and share reviews. Podium also integrates with popular review websites like Google and Facebook. By gaining a closer look at how your company’s reviews are skewing, you’ll have an easier time understanding how to proceed with important company matters like marketing automation and other matters.

Another great reason to consider Podium is because it provides your business with detailed analytics. With this analytical information, your company can understand what it’s doing right and what might need improvement.

With that said, Podium does require clients to sign a yearly contract. Signing a contract might not be a big deal for your company. However, not every company wants to be locked into a yearly contract.

2. WebiMax Digital

Should you find your website, company, or brand has something negative about them, contact WebiMax Digital and Beyond. This business offers a range of online reputation management services.

WebiMax Digital can provide you with both negative and positive content reports. With these reports, you can instantly know how much positive and negative online feedback your company receives. But, these reports are only one part of WebiMax Digital’s reputation management arsenal.

This company can also work on promoting positive content while working to remove or downplay the popularity of negative content. You can even learn about unclaimed profiles, reclaiming them to generate more popularity online.

If you don’t want to deal with a yearly contract, you’ll be glad to know that WebiMax Digital offers month-to-month contracts. This pricing system is good for companies that don’t want to get locked into a yearly agreement.

3. Gadook

Gadook is another powerhouse in the online reputation management world. This business has a range of brand reputation management services including brand building, re-branding, social media optimization, and reputation management.

If you’re looking to have all of your company’s reputation management services in one place, working with Gadook is a great way to accomplish this goal. With every client this company gets, it creates a reputation management plan customized to suit its goals.

As mentioned, with Gadook’s additional social media optimization services, this agency knows how to improve the reputation of its clients.

4. Go Fish Digital

If I had to choose an ideal online reputation management service for larger businesses, it would be difficult to not recommend Go Fish Digital.

This company is a bit pricier than others, charging (on average) $100-$150 per hour. With that said, the comprehensive package this company offers justifies this company’s costs.

Go Fish Digital has a team of talented content creators to create new, optimized content for your websites or social media pages. If your company is focusing more on removing negative content, Go Fish Digital does that too.

Another big issue that this business solves involves online review improvement. I’ll admit, this was a service that I wanted to offer the world back in 2014. I sucked at this, Go Fish Digital doesn’t.

For example, Go Fish Digital has a way to track and alert Yelp of any one to two star reviews about your business that don’t follow Yelp’s guidelines. This company can also make good reviews more prominent.

I have no idea how these magicians do this stuff. But, I do know that you can visit Go Fish Digital’s website if you need help with your company’s reputation.

As you can see, the best online reputation management services can do quite a lot for your business. Soon, you can start turning those who are on the fence about your business into brand ambassadors. Having a good reputation is also a key aspect of gaining more referrals.