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The Best Branding Podcasts to Build a Strong Brand in 2023

Branding – something every company wants to do well. Unfortunately, branding a business the right way isn’t as easy as people think. That’s why there are a ton of branding podcasts out there. If you took at the list of all podcasts with a large and loyal following, you’d still spend hours and hours narrowing down your options.

I’m here to save you time and energy. There’s no need to scroll through massive lists of thousands of branding podcasts. I listen to quite a lot of podcasts. So, I thought I’d help you save time and energy by creating this list of the best podcasts.

To create this list, I combined both the podcasts I personally love as well as the favorite branding podcasts of industry-leading blogs. Instead, check out my personal list of the best branding podcasts.

1. Let’s Talk Branding

let's talk branding logo

Source: Let’s Talk Branding

Hosted by Stef Hamerlinck, Let’s Talk Branding shows you how entrepreneurs grow brands. Each week or so, Stef uploads a new episode of Let’s Talk Branding.

Since this is a podcast dedicated to branding, Stef also welcomes many knowledgeable guests. If you work in any aspect of the branding industry, I highly recommend checking out this inclusion in my list of the best branding podcasts.

One of my favorite episodes of this podcast came out on Feb 2, 2021. In this episode, Stef welcomed leaders from WeWantMore. This episode was solely a case study that gave out a ton of actionable tips and resources.

Why Should I Listen To Let’s Talk Branding?

Stef welcomes a wide range of guests on this pick for the best branding podcasts. Listen in on a few episodes and you’ll hear all sorts of helpful tips from designers, strategists, and other branding professionals.

2. JUST Branding

just branding logo

Source: JUST Branding Podcast

You can’t talk about a branding podcast without mentioning JUST Branding. This podcast delivers professional insights and all sorts of strategies that people use to build better brands.

Hosted by Jacob Cass and Matt Davies, this podcast’s many episodes cover subjects like forming a solid brand strategy, finding brand identities, and even topics dedicated to personal branding.

Why Should I Check Out JUST Branding?

As of this writing, there are over 50 episodes of the JUST Branding podcast that you can listen to. So, join Jacob Cass, Matt Davies, and their amazing guests to learn more on this best branding podcast.

3. The Logo Geek Podcast

the logo geek cover

Source: logogeek.uk

An important part of the brand-building process is having a great logo. If you’re like me, you have no clue what the difference is between a logo that’s good or one that’s bad. That’s why I highly recommend checking out the Logo Geek Podcast.

Hosted by award-winning logo expert Ian Paget, this online marketing podcast features interviews with designers and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Whether it’s for business building or personal branding, this is one of the best branding podcasts that can teach you how everything you need to know about logo creation. Hearing Ian interviewing successful graphic designers and business owners breathes a ton of life into the topic of logos.

Check out this podcast and you’ll learn about crafting distinctive logos as well updating a logo your company no longer wants. Everyone is going to see your company’s logo. Why not make it a good one? Don’t need or aren’t interested in logos? That’s okay, I’d still recommend the Logo Geek Podcast if you want to learn more about the branding process.

Why Check Out the Logo Geek Podcast?

Ian Paget has a great way of showcasing how entrepreneurs bridge the gap between ideas and successful brands. While there are many tips that are great for helping designers come up with great logos, you’ll miss a ton of information on branding by skipping this one.

4. The Real-World Branding Podcast

real world branding

Source: Finch Brands

I’m all for long-form content… when it goes somewhere. Unfortunately, one of the biggest complaints about some podcasts is that it seems like they can go on forever. The Real-World Branding Podcast is not that type of show.

Each bi-weekly episode features interviews with industry leaders and how these people got to where they are now. Hosted by the President of Finch Brands, Bill Gullan, this is one of the best branding podcasts that explores the opportunities and challenges that come with building a brand.

Why Listen to This Podcast?

What makes this show one of the best branding podcasts is that each episode is full of information. This podcast ditches the long-winded ramblings in favor of pure value the pros use to grow successful brands. No three-hour episodes and no wasting your time. Just episodes that are a little under 30 minutes and packed full of information.

5. Brands on Brands

brands on brands

Source: Brands on Brands

Another one of the best branding podcasts that’s been recommended to me by lots of people is called Brands on Brands. The Brands on Brands Podcast launched in 2019. And, since this time, Brands on Brands has built one of the best branding podcasts in the world.

This podcast is great if you want to learn about personal branding and turning your business into a brand. The host of this podcast, Brandon Birkmeyer is someone with nearly 20 years of experience as a brand strategist.

You’ll also gain an inside look at the branding process with professional insights from the many guests that Brandon welcomes onto his show. Brandon welcomes experts from the world of digital marketing, writing, podcasting, and much more!

Why Check Out This Podcast?

Putting out about five episodes per week, Brandon is one of the hardest-working people in the podcast industry. One of the things I love most about this podcast is its personal nature. When you’re listening to Brandon, you feel like you’re becoming a better brand strategist.

6. Employer Branding Podcast

employer branding podcast

Source: Employer Branding Podcast

So far, I’ve mentioned a lot of podcasts aimed at helping entrepreneurs grow brands. But what about large companies seeking to brand themselves? For this, I highly recommend checking out the Employer Branding Podcast.

This weekly podcast, dedicated to employer branding strategies, welcomes brand leaders from all across the world. What’s cool about this pick as one of the best branding podcasts is that each episode is only about 20 minutes.

Based out of London, Jrgen Sundberg (Link Humans’ CEO) hosts this podcast. The way that Jrgen can interview industry leaders gives this podcast a professional yet casual feel. Listening to this podcast feels like you’re sitting alongside true professionals as the guests talk.

Why Should I Listen to This Podcast?

It doesn’t matter whether you operate in the B2B realm or operate consumer-facing businesses, this selection for the best branding podcast likely has a lot to teach you. One of my favorite topics this show covered involves practical talent attraction. It’s so interesting to hear how international employer brand leaders get and keep new hires.

7. Brand Builder

brand builder logo

Source: Snacknation

When you’re learning how to form a profitable brand, it’s always beneficial to hear from those who have done it. With that in mind, the Brand Builder Podcast gives you an incredible look at how brand strategists succeed.

Brand Builder is the only podcast with a specific focus on up-and-coming companies. Whether you need help with brand naming, brand positioning, or something else in the world of branding, this podcast can help you find the answers.

Why Listen to This Podcast?

You’ll learn about brand challenges and content marketing opportunities companies across the world use to stand out. I also love how personal this podcast feels. It’s sort of like having a personal branding coach in your corner, working for your business.

8. Audio Branding

audio branding podcast

Source: Audio Branding

Whether it’s personal branding or branding a business, many people think about the visual aspects of this activity. However, it’s also important to think about the audio side of brand building. While it isn’t something you might be thinking about, sound has a lot to do with a brand strategy. It’s also the subject of one of the best branding podcasts.

Fortunately, there’s another pick in this list of branding podcasts that fits into this interesting category called Audio Branding. This podcast features sonic branding influences destined to inspire you. The many observations and interviews from Audio Branding teach your business how to build a large and loyal following.

Why Listen to Audio Branding?

Audio Branding is definitely the best branding podcast for learning how to give your company a signature sound. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working for a big brand or a small one, you’ll walk away with some mind-blowing knowledge from this podcast.

9. Everybody Brands

everybody brands podcast

Source: Everybody Brands

One of the things that I see many companies struggle with when coming up with a brand personality is figuring out what to stand for. While it might be easy for your business to have values in mind, it’s not that other companies don’t have values. They just don’t know what their values are.

If you need to find a mission or values for your brand, I highly recommend checking out Everybody Brands. Brian Sooy, someone with over 20 years of branding experience, hosts this podcast.

Why Listen to Everybody Brands?

Brian Sooy shows you how to build a brand from the ground up. When you have this completed for your business, it really helps everything else in the branding journey fall right into place.

10. On Brand With Nick Westergaard

If you want to develop a stronger brand, it’s good to learn from an expert brand development practitioner. And, that’s what you’ll find while listening to On Brand With Nick Westergaard. Westergaard wrote branding books, including Brand Now and Get Scrappy.

Whether you’re trying to build a personal brand online or leading a company to ultimate business success with branding, this podcast has a ton of helpful information. On each episode of this podcast, Westergaard brings on a business or personal branding expert for 30-minute interviews.

Why Listen to On Brand?

By interviewing knowledgeable professionals, Westergaard and various business leaders have engaging conversations that any business owner could benefit from listening to. Easily one of the best branding podcasts out there.

11. How Brands Are Built

While I haven’t seen any new episodes recently, How Brands Are Built remains a podcast that’s worth mentioning if you need business advice. What’s great about this podcast is that it’s not afraid to shy away from potentially controversial topics.

Whether you need to create a business or personal brand, there is a treasure trove of information found in this podcast’s many episodes. Listening to this podcast can teach you logo design tips, LinkedIn branding, and much more.

Why Listen to How Brands Are Built?

This pick for the best branding podcast has tons of interviews about how to use branding to engage with a company’s target audience. Checking out episodes of this podcast can make you a stronger marketing everywhere from social media to web or paid advertising.

As you can see, the best branding podcasts shine a light on issues and help companies determine solutions. I hope this list points you towards podcasts that will breathe new life into your brand. Whether you’re working on a personal branding project or branding a business, these podcasts should become major sources of help.

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