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It’s understandable to have a few questions about how content marketing drives sales. I’ve been asked this question many times, so I thought it would be helpful to include several ways that content marketing directly affects a sales department. It can be a pretty cool relationship and one that can vastly improve your company.

How Content Marketing Drives Sales: 5 Proven Ways

Before we get started, it’s helpful to gain a deeper understand of what content marketing is. Essentially, content marketing is a way of selling your customers. Instead of a sales pitch, you’re giving them helpful content.

Trust me, choosing the latter option still results in plenty of sales. But how? Let’s take a closer look at how content marketing drives sales in your company.

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1. Increasing the Visitors to Your Website

Think of websites as types of digital stores. As you would want with a retail store, you want lots of visitors to your company’s website. Fortunately, content marketing can help you out!

Unfortunately, most people aren’t going to find their way to your website unless they have a reason to check it out. Something needs to entice a person that sees your website show up in search results, social media, or somewhere else to take action.

You can get people to start taking that action and clicking over to your website with effective content marketing. For example, most people love reading list-based content. If you’re looking for more readers, create content about subjects your audience wants to know more about and watch the traffic start rolling in.

2. Warming Up Leads at All Stages

Another great way that content marketing drives sales is by warming up your leads. In the marketing world, leads are people who have some level of interest in your company. With that said, they’re not quite buyers yet. However, content marketing can help change this situation.

Let’s say that you’re wanting to buy a new computer. If you’re like most people, you’re going to research the best and/or most popular computers. Whether you realize it or not, a person or company’s content marketing strategy (the websites you’ll soon start reading information on) is working on you.

Take the previous thought in mind and apply it to your business.

What are your company’s potential customers have questions about?

What kind of keywords would they use to get answers to these questions?

By spending a little time answering those questions, you can come up with a lot of useful information for future content.

3. Owning Your Share of a Topic

how content marketing drives sales

When people search for answers to a question online, most aren’t going that far to get their answer. You’ve likely heard endless statistics about how many people don’t go past the first page of search results. It’s easy to understand why. People lead busy lives and want their information fast.

This brings to mind another way that content marketing increases sales. Let’s say that a potential customer is looking for help with a plumbing problem. They type in keywords into Google about the plumbing problem they’re experiencing and a page full of answers pops up. Even though other plumbers might have better information, this searcher is going to choose one or two pages to get their answers.

After that, their search is over and they’ll decide to either fix this or call someone for help. When they most likely call a plumber, you can bet they’ll reach out to the website that they started reading content from.

4. Having a Meeting of the Minds

There’s something great when two departments (or more) within a company start collaborating. This situation can result in amazing outcomes for an entire business. With that in mind, it’s time to think about setting up a meeting between your sales and content marketing department.

When these teams meet, the content marketing team gets a first-hand look at your sales team. This includes challenges they might be facing or questions they’re getting from customers.

Wouldn’t it be great if your company’s content marketer or marketing team could create an entire page of content that answers these questions with the help of your salespeople?

Fortunately, content marketing drives sales by bringing a company’s teams closer together.

A content marketer can also learn about sales-related issues, research them, and help out your team. Why not take a different approach to teaching your sales team instead of traditional training like every other business?

5. Giving Your Business a Personal Touch

These days, most people are aware that almost every company knows how to market to them digitally. To stand out from the pack, use content marketing as a way to give your company a personal touch.

With content, you’ll have something that your customers and leads can look at whenever they want. There’s no committing to your business right away, although a few eager readers probably will.

Content marketing gives your business an authoritative yet patient approach. In the world of sales, this is the best strategy you can take.

Who Doesn’t Love a Great Story?

Quick, think of your favorite television show.

Got it?

I’m betting one reason why you chose this show is because of its story. Oftentimes, what separates a good or bad television show is how it does this. With that in mind, your company can utilize content marketing to tell its story.

Best of all, you’re in full control of this. You can tell the public about the challenges your business has overcome or accomplishments you’re proud of. It’s also a great place to write about your company’s mission, culture, and values.

With content marketing, you’ll also have a way to keep everyone informed. To ramp this strategy up, make sure you’re creating content that’s ready for multiple platforms. By doing this, you’ll learn how content marketing drives sales for your business.

By doing this, you’ll have email, website, social media, and other types of content always ready to send.

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Create a Free Marketing Plan for Your Business

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content marketing drives sales

There you have it, awesome ways that content marketing drives sales. If you want to know more about content marketing, don’t miss our recent post about content marketing tips for small businesses. Also, make sure to visit Content Marketing Life’s social media pages and leave a like or comment about what you would like to see me cover next.