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It takes a lot of things coming together to make a company stand out from its competition. You’ve likely got employees, big plans, and something to sell. So, what else do you need? Brand ambassadors. Let us show you what a brand ambassador program is and why it’s so important for your company.

What Is a Brand Ambassador?

creating a brand ambassador

Brand ambassadors are people that absolutely love your company. They might love your company’s products or services. It’s also possible that a brand ambassador focuses more on your company’s beliefs and contributions over what it sells. You can find brand ambassadors through your company’s employees, business partners, and customers.

Now, let’s learn how you can start making this a part of your marketing strategy.

How to Create a Brand Ambassador Program

Now that you understand who brand ambassadors are, it’s time to learn about how you can start creating a program to win more of them over. Here’s everything you need to start a brand ambassador program.

1. Use Social Media Hashtags and Topics

The first step needed to create a brand ambassador program is to begin finding people who fit this description. So, where do you go to start finding these ambassadors? To start, we recommend doing a search for your company on social media.

When it comes to social media, a study found that 76% of people trust content from other people on social media, not brands. Don’t worry, you can use this statistic to your favor.

As you begin this search, look for anyone that’s mentioning your company in a positive manner. Next, take a look at their profiles. Having brand ambassadors is great, but you don’t want to indirectly promote someone whose values don’t align with your company’s.

Now your company can start connecting with them. You can do this by visiting their page and engaging with them. Or, if you feel like it, direct messaging this person is another option.


2. Don’t Try to Control Every Aspect of What Ambassadors Post

As the time draws near for an ambassador to post about your business, it’s understandable to want to have a strict level of control over what they say. However, this often scares away those who want to promote your brand in their own way. Of course, if someone is doing something that’s obviously going to cause problems, that’s another story.

3. Reward Those in Your Brand Ambassador Program

brand ambassador rewards

Another important aspect of any brand ambassador program is how your company treats its ambassadors. After all, they’re bringing referrals to your business. Fortunately, there are a few ways your company can achieve this goal.

One way to reward ambassadors is by giving them discounted or free products. This is also a great way to get a little extra promotion. Most influencers or ambassadors who receive products from your company are likely to share how cool this is with their audiences. Also, people love brand ambassadors that give free stuff.

There’s a million ways your company can go with this process. If you don’t want to give away anything, you can always shout them out or set up a type of affiliate payment system. With this system, you pay your ambassadors for new customers they send your way.

Popular Brand Ambassador Program Examples to Learn From

If you’re like me, having examples of marketing concepts sometimes make them easier to understand. With that in mind, it’s time to learn how some of the biggest companies in the world create brand ambassador program examples.

Red Bull Invokes a High-Energy Lifestyle

Unfortunately, some companies make a lot of big promises about their brands and fail to deliver on them. Red Bull doesn’t have this problem. Since the beginning of this company, it knew what it’s main product was made to give someone energy.

Taking this concept and running with it, Red Bull began sponsoring all types of extreme sport events throughout the world. Soon, this company would start its own film company that would make enter films around these sporting events.

Microsoft’s MVP Program

Another great brand ambassador program example began when Microsoft started its MVP program. Standing for Most Valuable Professional, Microsoft’s MVP program began on Usenet forums. Now, the MVP system is one of the greatest brand ambassador program examples out there.

So, how do you join and become an MVP? The answer is to be passionate about Microsoft’s products and services, sharing your knowledge by helping out others online.

This might sound simple enough, but Microsoft is extremely selective about who can receive MVP-level recognition. However, it’s worth putting in the time and effort to get into this program. It’s one of the best brand ambassador programs of all-time.

Many people want to become an MVP because Microsoft leads a brand ambassador program that gives free stuff to its members.

After you join Microsoft’s brand ambassador program, you get free access to Visual Studio Enterprise, Office 365, Xamarin University, and a lot of awesome third-party offers.

Harley-Davidson’s Brand Ambassador Program

When looking at companies with brand ambassador programs, we have to mention Harley-Davidson. If you don’t know much about this company, Harley-Davidson is a motorcycle manufacturer.

While I wouldn’t consider myself a motorcycle expert, researching this article led me to find that this company certainly doesn’t sell the least expensive motorcycles.

So, why is this company such a big deal in the motorcycle industry? Because Harley-Davidson knows how to build a loyal army of brand ambassadors.

One way that Harley-Davidson rewards its fans is through the Harley Owners Group (abbreviated as H.O.G.). The Harley Owners Group is a great example of brand ambassador programs that give free stuff.

For instance, members of the Harley Owners Group get a free:

Harley-Davidson also uses the powerful principle of having a company share values with its customers. Whether looking at a print ad or watching a Harley-Davidson commercial, it doesn’t take long to see that this brand is all about freedom and being proud of who you are.

With the Harley Owners Group, people worldwide can share their love of Harley-Davidson through meetups and other types of events.

To summarize, brand ambassador programs work well for companies from any industry. This includes everything from law firms to real estate agents.