Best Medical Marketing Companies of 2022: Grow Your Business

No matter who you are, you’re going to need medical attention at some point in your life. While we’re sitting in a doctor’s waiting room or lying in a hospital bed, no one is thinking about how these companies market themselves.

But, many companies within the healthcare industry must operate like businesses. If they don’t, there’s no way for these healthcare organizations to stay in business and help others. That’s where healthcare marketing enters the picture.

If you own or work for a healthcare business, knowing how to market this company is incredibly important. It could be what causes your business to start thriving. With that in mind, I’m going to save you a ton of time and energy with my list of the best healthcare marketing agencies of 2022.

What Does a Healthcare Marketing Agency Do?

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Before you officially partner with a medical marketing company, it’s understandable to know more about what they do. There are actually quite a few great reasons to partner with a healthcare marketing agency. Here’s a few of the main reasons why these companies remain so popular with medical practices across the country.

Reaching New Customers

Most people working as healthcare professionals do so because they care greatly about providing care to patients. For these professionals to continue doing what they love, the healthcare businesses they work for must make money.

When your company partners with a medical marketing agency, you can have the help you need to bring in new patients. For most people, who they decide to receive medical care from is a major decision and not one that’s taken lightly.

If you’re partnered with a healthcare marketing agency, this business will be able to create messages that show how much your healthcare facility cares about its patients.

A Company That Understands Your Challenges

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People who work within healthcare systems know these companies don’t operate like most other businesses. Each day, it’s a real possibility that peoples’ lives will be on the line. Needless to say, this industry can be stressful and challenging.

By partnering with a marketing agency that works in the healthcare industry, you can rest assured they’ll know how to help your business grow. They’ll also understand how to best put your medical facility’s marketing dollars to good use.

Saving Lots of Time

Whether you’re a business owner, doctor, nurse, front office, or another position in the medical field, you know that the medical world can move fast. Because of that, it’s always good to gain any significant advantages that save your business time.

By working with a digital advertising company, you and your staff won’t have to spend tons of time researching and creating a marketing plan. You can save yourself even more time by partnering with a full-service healthcare agency. These agencies can handle all aspects of advertising your practice, including:

  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Designing or updating healthcare websites
  • Reputation management
  • Email marketing
  • and much more!

Not Having to Hire a Full-Time Digital Marketing Team

Is your healthcare company dealing with a smaller budget? If that’s the case, you probably don’t have the funding to hire on an entire marketing team. Fortunately, working with the top healthcare marketing agencies can save you a small fortune.

Once you find a healthcare marketing agency you want to work with, you can pay this business and not take on the costs of benefit packages and full-time salaries.

Helping to Ensure Your Practice Remains Compliant

It’d be great to say anything you wanted about your healthcare business. However, even though it might be true, saying certain things in marketing materials can do more harm than good for your company. This brings us to another reason why many medical practices partner with healthcare marketing agencies: to remain compliant.

Whether it’s HIPPA or Stark, there are lots of rules that healthcare practices must abide by. Fortunately, many healthcare digital marketing companies know how to make sure your practice isn’t say anything it’s not supposed to be mentioning. By having this benefit, you can launch and adjust marketing efforts without ever worrying.

The Best Healthcare Marketing Agencies of 2022

Your patients wouldn’t want a doctor that no has idea what they’re doing. Your business wants to partner with a healthcare digital marketing agency that knows how to bring results. Let’s get right into it and take a closer look at the best digital marketing agencies in the world of healthcare.

IPG Health

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Working across six continents, there’s no doubt that IPG Health remains one of the leading names in the world of healthcare marketing. It’s hard to find other healthcare professionals with the reach of IPG Health. This massive network of healthcare digital marketing brands currently employs over 6,000 people, including many from McCann Health.

With the resources and talent network of IPG Health, this company stays on the cutting-edge of healthcare marketing tactics and strategies. Being a full-service agency, there really isn’t much that this agency can’t do for its customers.

IPG Health also has the ability to focus its services into one of several specialty agencies. These marketing agencies can act as a patient service provider, offer help with global health initiatives, and much more.

Ogilvy Health


If your medical facility needs help reaching its marketing goals, it could be time to contact Ogilvy Health. This creative marketing agency knows that the world of healthcare is ever-changing. That’s why this agency focuses on whole-brand building and making your company as visible as possible to attract more patients.

One of the many ways this company make sure healthcare brands stand out is through creating great interactions and communication at every possible touchpoint. Ogilvy Health can offer help through its SEO services, digital marketing efforts, and other ways it drives growth for its clients.

For help with public relations, marketing, patient acquisition, and retaining patients, consider getting in touch with Ogilvy Health.



Many medical facilities face the challenge of humanizing themselves when trying to attract patients. Fortunately, Evoke has a deep understanding of how to help your facility achieve this goal.

One of the main reasons why Evoke makes this list is because it’s only a healthcare digital marketing agency. Working with healthcare organizations isn’t just part of Evoke’s business, these clients are 100% of this agency’s business.

If you own or work for a healthcare provider that needs help with branding, Evoke can take care of that for you. This agency can help with forming a brand identity, positioning your brand, and developing this important aspect of your facility.

Another great reason to partner with Evoke is that it can help you form a complete multi-channel marketing strategy. Whether your company wants to show up in search engines or drive more patient volume, Evoke can help with these goals.

Real Chemistry

Another incredibly popular and successful healthcare marketing company on this list is Real Chemistry. This marketing agency understands that healthcare success comes down to the treatment and experiences patients receive.

Real Chemistry uses data-driven marketing and analytics to create unmatched healthcare marketing strategies. This marketing agency also places a lot of focus on bringing innovative solutions to its clients. That’s why this agency’s marketing strategy includes cutting-edge data platforms and premium tools.

This digital marketing agency uses a multi-channel marketing system to help ensure you achieve your business goals. To drive results, Real Chemistry utilizes content marketing, paid search tools, and other healthcare advertising strategies.

If your medical practice or healthcare organization needs help standing out online, consider working with Real Chemistry.


Many medical practices that need help with digital marketing contact Merkle. One reason that Merkle might be the right agency for you is due to its extensive experience in the world of medical marketing. This agency has over 25 years of experience working in the health industry.

When it comes to healthcare advertising, there can be many types of facilities that need help with marketing. Fortunately, Merkle can help almost any type of healthcare business receive more qualified traffic and patients. Merkle works with clients in the pharmaceutical industry, animal healthcare providers, and health systems.

The marketing process with Merkle begins by having this agency learn more about your business. By doing this, it can understand how to best position among your competition. Whether you need help with search engine optimization or getting more phone calls, it’s likely that Merkle can help you out.

Intouch Solutions

Another provider of quality service and stellar results in the world of healthcare marketing is Intouch Solutions. What separates this company from other marketing agencies is that it specializes in working with pharmaceutical companies.

If your pharmaceutical business needs help with content marketing, finding targeted keywords, creating Google Ads, and much more, Intouch Solutions has what you need.

There is a ton of digital marketing agencies out there. If your healthcare company needs help standing out and gaining a great digital presence, there are healthcare marketing companies that can help you out.