You’ve probably seen lots of postings or websites all about teaching you how to make money from home in 2021. I’ve been making money from home for about 10 years, building up a great list of sites along the way. I’ve got plenty of helpful tips for you to check out and start earning with.

Make money from home in 2021 with these 28 methods

I don’t want to waste your time, so let’s get right into this massive list. For each pick, I’ll provide more information including how much you can expect to earn. I’ll also share my personal experience (or lack thereof) with each one. Let’s get started!

1. Help improve search engines

It’s impossible to deny the popularity of search engines. To make sure search engines give the best results, you can become a search engine evaluator. These evaluators take a closer look at search results, making sure what they see matches a searcher’s intent. Similar to how a Net Promoter Score works, these jobs help ensure search engines satisfy those looking for answers.
As a search engine evaluator, you might see a list of search results for keyword content marketing. Next, you would look through the results and determine if the websites you see are a good match for this keyword. In most cases, you don’t need any experience performing this type of work. It’s also a legit way to make a lot of money from home.
I’m happy to let you know this is a position I’ve done in the past. You can expect to earn anywhere from $9-15 dollars an hour or about $36,000 a year working as a web search evaluator. How much you’ll earn also depends on how much work is available. To have the most work, apply to many web search evaluation companies.

Several major companies, depending on your qualifications, might have work currently available. If you’re looking for search engine evaluator jobs, check out a few of the following sources below.

Lionbridge: One of the earliest companies in its industry, Lionbridge offers many types of work from home positions. Lionbridge’s openings center around positions focused on translation, interpreting, and search engine evaluation. If this sounds right for you, here’s a link to this company’s hiring page. Go there to fill out an application if you want to start making money from home right away.

Appen: Another one of the leaders in this industry, Appen has been hiring remote workers for many years. Appen offers varying project lengths, which is great for those who might only want to work from home on a part-time basis. Here’s a list of Appen’s current job openings for remote workers.

Glassdoor: Glassdoor can be a great place to find web search evaluator openings. Best of all, it pulls results from multiple search engine evaluation companies. You can also filter your results by salary range and posting date.


Source: Glassdoor

2. Transcribe audio data to text

Do you consider yourself a fast typist? Are you someone that’s good at clearly understanding others? If either of these is true, you might have a profitable future in the world of transcription. Transcribing means listening to what others are saying and transforming it into text.

A great example of transcription work is creating subtitles for movies and television shows. Another example is listening to an audio interview and transcribing it to text for others to read.

This is another way to make money online that I’ve tried in the past. If you’re able to type in a fast and accurate manner, this is one of the best work from home jobs you can find. It’s also a good idea to have a pair of decent quality headphones. Take it from me, if you don’t live in a quiet household, make sure to purchase a pair of high-quality headphones!

As far as pay goes, you can expect to earn about $15-30 per hour or $30,000-60,000 per year. However, due to the nature of the work, most types of transcription work are paid on a per word basis and not hourly. This is why it helps to be fast and accurate to earn a nice amount of money working from home transcribing.

3. Start affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where someone sends leads to a company in various stages of the buying process. If the lead completes a certain action (making a purchase, providing information, etc), the affiliate receives a reward. This reward often comes in the form of money.

How does affiliate marketing help you make money from home? It helps to start by assessing what you’re interested in and might enjoy marketing to other people. Let’s say that you love laptop computers. Here’s how the affiliate marketing process would look like for you:

  1. Create a website that’s about laptop computers
  2. Write content that’s about laptop computers
  3. Place affiliate links on your website that go to laptop computer retailers
  4. After a customer clicks one of your affiliate links and makes a purchase, you receive money.


Of course, this is a simplified process that I’m using for example purposes. Take it from someone who got started as an affiliate marketer, it takes time and effort to start seeing profits here. Also, you’ll often need to do a bit of spending (at least $15 for a domain and hosting) to get started. For those with time and patience, affiliate marketing has infinite income scaling potential. What do you need to get started with affiliate marketing?


So far, we’re 3 for 3. Affiliate marketing has to be one of my all-time favorite ways to make money online. If you need money right now, I’d recommend waiting until your situation stabilizes to start affiliate marketing. However, when you have the time and a bit of income to create a website, it can be a way to earn unlimited income.

4. Do proofreading/editing work

If you consider yourself to be someone with a sharp eye and a good sense of detail, you could be a great proofreader or editor. It’s understandable to wonder what the difference is between the two of these types of work. Proofreaders and editors read over something to make sure it is correct. To do this, they must watch out for grammar errors, flow problems, and filler content.

Almost everyone wants to have content that looks great before it’s posted, including everyone from lawyers to real estate agents.

There are generally two main types of proofreaders, which are either technical or non-technical jobs. If you’re a non-technical proofreader, you’ll proofread and edits blogs, magazines, and books. Technical proofreaders work with transcripts, business documents, and other types of technical materials.

With so many companies creating content at a rapid rate, there’s a large demand for qualified proofreaders. To succeed at this type of work it’s essential to have good reading, editing, and grammar skills. The average income you can expect to earn working from home as an editor or proofreader ranges from $25,000-75,000 per year.

5. Offer technical support from home

You might be someone who’s great at solving technical problems. If you spend your time doing this, consider working from home as a technical support specialist.
Now, you might be wondering, how can I help someone with technical issues while I’m at home? Don’t let that thought scare you. Most of the time, the “technical” things you’re explaining should be easy to explain to someone with a bit of technical know-how.

This is another one, that I kind of did when I worked for a national mobile phone company. While my role was in the customer service department, we would get calls about technical issues that we had to answer. Most people didn’t like this, but I liked it a lot more than most aspects of that job. I’d much rather tell someone how to change a setting in a phone than have to explain the details of why their phone bills went up last month, yikes!

Most entry-level technical support jobs pay anywhere from $10-15 an hour. But, it’s possible to earn $15-30+ per hour if you’re able to understand and explain more technical types of problems.

If you have a decent understanding of basic technology, you could make money from home today with one of these jobs.

6. Consider becoming a tester

Not everyone wants to work from home and speak with customers, which is understandable. Some of the best jobs to work from home involve becoming a tester. What you’re able to test depends on which types of devices you own and the number of testing places you work for. With a testing job, you’re working to ensure that a company maintains a good reputation.

You don’t need to have top-of-the-line laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. I didn’t when I was a tester and I was able to take part in many projects. Of course, I can’t list specific details about past projects I’ve worked on. However, I can say that testing is an awesome way to make money from home on a part-time basis.

But, if you become a tester, common tasks you might perform can include:

Link Testing: Every website has both internal and external links. Internal links take users to other locations on the same domain. External links take users to websites on a different domain. If you perform link testing, you’ll visit a website and make sure that both internal and external links go where they’re supposed to.

HTML Testing: While it might not seem like it, there’s a lot of text that must be formatted for a website to display in a proper manner. This is also known as Hypertext Markup Language or HTML. If you know how to build websites, it’s a safe bet to assume that you would be a good HTML tester. You can check out this great HTML resource if you’re wanting to jump into this topic.

User Interface Testing: These types of test have to do with making sure that a website loads and performs well. This can mean checking out navigational links, pictures, videos, and other elements of a website. You might also be tasked with finding and reporting various types of website errors.

7. Write content for businesses

Now, more than ever, companies of all sizes need content for websites, social media pages, and other digital properties. If you are someone that loves writing content, it’s possible that you’re who these people and companies are looking for. One of the questions I’m most often asked about this topic is: Do I need a writing degree to write content online? The answer is no.

Where do you start writing content online? Fortunately, there are lots of places. As you would do to find any type of job, it’s hard to go wrong with major job-hunting websites like Indeed and CareerBuilder. Writing content for other companies is a way that I’ve made a living for a number of years. There are even several major clients that I work for at the time of writing this. Trust me, it’s one of the best ways to make money from home fast.

Average income estimates for content writers/marketers ranges from $20,000-200,000+ per year. Again, how much you’ll earn depends on your experience, skill level, and how much time you have for writing purposes. If you want to learn how to make money as a freelance writer, here are a few quick tips:

Create a Portfolio: It would be great to be able to jump right into making money from home online as a writer. However, most companies are going to want to see what you can do. To do this, they’ll typically ask for one or a few samples of your writing. If you spend some time working on a few pieces, you can place them in an online portfolio.

Get Better With Feedback: You’ll quickly develop your own style of writing. Take it from me, when you’re starting out as a writer, you’re going to get feedback. While it isn’t fun to hear what needs to be improved, trust me when I say that it’s going to make you a better writer. The more you write, the more incredibly valuable feedback you’ll receive. Make notes of what you need to work on and put it into action, you’ll be amazed at how fast your writing skills improve.

Always Proofread Your Work: It’s great to be confident with what you write. Just make sure you’re always proofreading your work. You can start this process by using popular proofreaders like Grammarly. However, make sure that you always take time to manually proofread everything you write before turning it in. I can’t tell you how many times this has saved me from turning in a final piece that contains errors, not good!

8. Create your own content

Do you have topics that you could speak (or write) about? If you do, it’s a good idea to think about creating content for a website of your own. Considering that you’re going to be writing your own content, you’re not going to start out with a huge audience. And that’s perfectly OK. You might find that you’re soon able to make a new company with the sales your content drives.

One of the best tips I’ve found for creating content is to choose multiple platforms. If you have a website, place your content there and on social media pages. It’s also possible to re-purpose your written content into online videos, the possibilities are almost endless. The key to success here is choosing the topics you’re going to write about. Take it from me, writing about something you have no interest in gets boring fast.

To have a platform for your content, you’re going to need a domain name and hosting. After purchasing these two items, you can get started designing and writing content on your website. Having your own website also works well for portfolio purposes, I’ve used several of mine in portfolios of the past.

When it comes to salary figures, the sky is the limit. As it is with affiliate marketing, it will take time and effort. There’s also no guarantee that you’ll earn much of anything. At least, not at first. However, I can tell you from experience to push past those doubts and you can make it. A decade ago, the thought of making money from home sounded like a pipe dream. Now, it’s not hard to find digital marketers making six to seven figures a year.

9. Flip websites

If you’ve been spending lots of time indoors, staying safe from the coronavirus, you’ve probably spent at least a few minutes checking out HGTV or a similar channel. Many home improvement channels air popular programs in which people “flip” homes. For those who love the process of flipping something but either aren’t able to or don’t want to buy an actual home, consider flipping websites.

The process behind flipping websites is relatively simple. You purchase a website that you consider valuable and then re-design and update this domain and resell it to another person or business. With all of that said, the profit you’ll make flipping websites depends on how well you’re able to assess the value of a domain. Hmm, this sounds like a good idea for content in the future, don’t you think?

Getting back on track, here are a few tips to follow when you’re flipping websites.

Research Every Domain: Considering that domains can range in price from $5-$500,000, it’s a must to research any domain you’re going to buy or bid on. This will take some time and effort, but there are several tools that can make this process a little easier like Ahrefs or SEMRush (both paid services).

Use a Spreadsheet to Record Your Data: As you begin researching domains to purchase, take it from me that you can start building up important data quickly. To avoid writer’s cramp from scribbling on sheets of paper, I recommend using a spreadsheet to help you manage all of this information.

Never Sell to Someone You Don’t Trust: I don’t want this to scare you away from selling domains. There are many major websites that have systems to prevent anyone from being scammed. I’m saying you might run into this problem if you try and sell a domain privately. Unless it’s someone you completely trust, stick with a service like GoDaddy Auctions, Flippa, or a trusted broker to sell your domain.

Also, make sure that you’re looking at these important domain metrics:

10. Type up product descriptions

Chances are, you’ve seen these everywhere. Before you purchase almost anything, someone has written a short and catchy description for it. This description is a way to sell the product to a potential buyer with words. Here’s the catch: you typically have anywhere from 50-250 words to get your point across. However, it’s one of the best ways for writers to earn money online.

At first, many new writers avoid writing product descriptions because it takes a while to complete such a short assignment. However, speaking from experience, I’m telling you to stick with it. As you continue writing these, you’ll become more comfortable and this will mean completing each description faster.

11. Enter the gig economy

It’s completely understandable if you’re looking at your phone or monitor and wondering “what’s a gig economy?” The gig economy was a term given to describe the popularity of people performing freelance “gigs” or jobs. Sometimes, finding a job quickly is difficult. During this time, consider creating gigs to earn extra money.

One of the best parts of the gig economy is that you can do almost anything to start making money online.

make money from home

Source: Fiverr

12. Rent out a room in your home

As I’ve said earlier, not every method you’ll see involves spending your time on the computer. If you’re comfortable with it, consider renting out a room in your home to someone else. Yes, you might be turning part of your home into its own Airbnb. But, if everything works out correctly, it’s one of the easiest ways to earn extra cash.

13. Make money from your photos

Do you consider yourself to be someone with a photographic eye? If so, you can make money online instantly by selling photos for others to use. Most people get started by taking photos of what they find interesting and selling them to other people or companies.

Do you enjoy spending time outside? Spend time taking pictures of your hometown to sell. Maybe you’re more of an indoor person? In that case, you can still find plenty of ideas for photos that sell. 

14. Start a podcast

For about 30 years, between 1920 and 1950, most people spent their free time listening to audio broadcasts on the radio. During these times, the internet was a pipe dream. At the end of this period, televisions were just starting to start their rapid rise to becoming popular. Even with all of the technology we have available, many people love the simplicity and enjoyment that comes from listening to audio broadcasts we now call podcasts.

You don’t need an audience of millions to start your own podcast. Unlike video marketing, you don’t necessarily need a high-end setup to get this started.

15. Begin dropshipping

While looking for ways to make money online, you’re likely going to come across something that involves dropshipping. For the right person, dropshipping is a great way to start earning extra cash from home.

What is dropshipping? Dropshipping allows companies to sell items to consumers without having to store the items in-house. After a customer orders an item, the retailer forwards the order to a supplier. Next, the supplier sends the order to the customer from the retailer.

16. Become a customer service agent

As coronavirus made its way throughout the globe, it put a sudden and unfortunate end to many people’s jobs. If you’re wanting to work from home, you’ll be glad to know there are many remote customer service jobs available online.

Companies of all sizes are looking for professionals that are great with people and capable of helping them with information or by solving problems. Also, don’t worry about not knowing what to do. Any company that knows what it’s doing will have extensive training to help remote employees help customers.

17. Help teach others a new language

Another awesome way to learn how to make money online is by teaching others your native language. If your native language is English, you would want to find job offers from companies needing English speakers.

You don’t need to visit these people in person to start teaching them your language. All you should need is a stable internet connection and the ability to be available when a company needs you to teach.

18. Consider becoming a translator

While you’re thinking about teaching others how to speak your language, you might also consider becoming a translator. A translator is someone who typically listens to people in one language, translates it into another one, and repeats the new information and language to another party.

For instance, if you speak Spanish and English, you could help facilitate conversations between English and Spanish-speaking communities. Understandably, learning a new language probably isn’t going to be something you have time to do. However, for those who know one or several languages, this is a great way to earn money from home.

Translating is now becoming one of the most popular make money from home jobs.

19. Teach other people skills you know

Chances are, there are many things that you can do well. With that in mind, why not teach others your skills and make money at the same time? As it is with the gig economy mentioned earlier, there is almost an unlimited number of things you can teach others to do from home.

To accomplish this goal, consider signing up for one of many popular course creation websites. These websites allow you to create an online course teaching whatever there is a demand for. If you worked in the personal finance industry, you could teach an online course about this.

20. Completing online surveys

One of the most well-known ways to make money from home online involves completing surveys. A survey is typically created by a company that asks survey respondents a series of questions. Also, there are many types of survey sites available. Most of these surveys are easy tasks that last anywhere from 1 – 15 minutes.

With that said, I wouldn’t expect to make a full-time income just off of taking surveys. It’s a solid way to make anywhere from $20-$500. However, it might be a slower start in the beginning.

21. Download cash-back apps

Now, I have to admit that this isn’t a free way to earn money from home. However, if you’re already planning on doing some shopping, it makes sense to make money from your purchases.

To do this, I recommend using Honey. Honey is an app and browser extension that automatically finds and tries every possible coupon code at the website you’re shopping on. The purpose of this is to save you as much as possible on your online purchases.

22. Get paid to post social media content

Who doesn’t spend at least a little time each day on social media? There are so many popular social media websites out there including:

Fortunately, you don’t have to have millions of followers to get started doing this type of work. Companies of all sizes are looking to partner with a large number of people on social media, regardless of their follower counts.

It could become a great path to get you started on your way to becoming a master of influencer marketing.

23. Look for valuable items in your home

Now, I’m going to assume that you don’t want me rummaging through your home. Considering that, it’s difficult for me to know exactly what items of value are inside of your house. However, what I can do is help list what I’ve found about items that are currently fetching quite a hefty profit for their respective owners.

24. Sell your old cell phone

In the past decade or so, most people have built up quite a large collection of old and unwanted mobile phones. You might have a special spot in your closet or junk drawer that’s home to mobile phones you haven’t touched in years. 

Or, if you’re someone who wants to have the latest and greatest phone, you could be sitting on an extremely valuable collection of items to sell back.

25. Make money from unwanted clothing

There are many reasons to get rid of clothing you no longer want. If you’re like me, you probably have lots of clothes in your closet from a decade that isn’t coming back in style anytime soon. You also might own a lot of clothes that are no longer comfortable.

Regardless of why you need to get rid of them, there’s plenty of ways to make easy extra cash by selling your clothes. If you’re going to expect to get money for your clothes, make sure that everything you’re selling is in good condition.

This means selling clothes with no stains, holes, and rips. You’ll have the best chance of selling your clothes online if these items are in new or like-new condition without any flaws.

26. Sell your gift cards

Throughout the year, most people start building up a decent collection of gift cards. These might be gift cards for a delicious coffee at Starbucks or to get groceries at Wal-Mart. Over time, it’s easy to forget just how many gift cards you have that still have some amount of credit on them.

It’s also possible that you’ve received gift cards you’re never going to use. Fortunately, you’ll be glad to know that there are several ways to sell gift cards that you don’t want.

27. Place your items on auction websites

While searching through your home, you’re likely going to come across many items that you’re not quite sure what to do with. What you might not be aware of is that you can make money online by selling these items.

Here’s the best way I look at it. If you have valuable items that you want to earn a certain amount of money for, place it as a “Buy It Now” listing on eBay. If an item isn’t valuable and you’re looking for any amount of money, place it on an auction listing.

28. Get rid of old textbooks

One of the best money making ideas for college students is to sell back textbooks you no longer need. If you’ve just finished a semester, you might have textbooks that other people or companies would be willing to buy.

I don’t want to bum you out, as it’s something I had to go through in college, but most textbooks are crazy marked-up when you buy them new.

Unfortunately, you don’t want to go into this expecting to get every cent back from how much it cost to purchase your textbooks. However, it’s not uncommon to get anywhere from 20-70% of your textbook’s original price back. Not to show my age, but it’s been a while since I’ve sold back a college textbook.

If you’re wanting to do this, a website that I often see come up is Bookscouter. Again, I haven’t used them so I can’t personally share any experiences with them.

To summarize, there is a wide range of ways to make money from home in 2021. Having spent so much time doing this, I was glad to put together a list that I hope helps you out. If you want to continue learning about how to earn lots of money from home, make sure to keep visiting Content Marketing Life often.

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