2022 SmartDollar Website Audit

The Challenge

With my extensive SEO background, SmartDollar had me go over 60+ member-exclusive posts, looking for and correcting:

  • Primary and secondary keyword-related problems
  • Spelling errors
  • Grammar errors
  • A lack of internal links
  • Correcting outdated information

SmartDollar also wanted content from its main site, Ramsey Solutions, without links or content that took the user outside of the SmartDollar web or mobile app.

The Process

During this solo project, I began by creating a spreadsheet that contained each SmartDollar URL. I also took note of each page’s title, main keyword, and secondary keywords.

For each URL, I created page change logs that documented every suggested change. Sometimes, these documents could be seven to eight pages (depending on how much content each URL contained).

Each page change document contained:

  • Copy changes removing Ramsey Solutions URLs in favor of SmartDollar URLs to eliminate off-app interactions
  • Any new or edited internal links
  • Any new or edited external links
  • Any updated or removed copy

The Results

After this week-long process, Ramsey SmartDollar’s web team began implementing all changes. This project solved the problem of SmartDollar users leaving the website or mobile app for anything on Ramsey Solutions’ main website.

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