SmartDollar Onboarding Emails

This project was a three-month-long process aiming to get more new users to start actively using SmartDollar.

The Challenge

With SmartDollar having so many ways to help users, a good portion of them felt overwhelmed and didn’t know how or where to start using SmartDollar. After meeting with SmartDollar’s marketing team, we determined one of the best courses of action to take would be updating SmartDollar’s onboarding emails from top to bottom.

The Process

After SmartDollar’s kick-off meeting, I remotely sat in on meetings with the acquisition and retention teams. During these meetings, we drilled down on the core offerings of SmartDollar.

We wanted to answer the question: “If you wanted to get someone to start using SmartDollar in two sentences, what would you say?”

Along the way, we brainstormed and came up with a set of notes to use as guidelines in the emails I was about to create.

Throughout the next few weeks, I would draft a series of five emails that would guide new SmartDollar users through onboarding. After I completed these drafts, a team of senior email and digital marketers would suggest edits. We’d also meet to fine-tune the messaging of these emails.

The Results

The idea to update SmartDollar’s onboarding process was a good one. After launching this new series of onboarding emails, SmartDollar not only noticed more new user interaction, but this company’s email open rates also increased compared to previous onboarding campaigns.

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