Referral Rock

Referral Rock is a B2B referral marketing software company.

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The Projects

Website Content Audit

In 2020, Referral Rock needed someone with a combination of content writing and SEO skills. After Referral Rock chose me for help, I began learning about this company’s brand tone, voice, and SEO standards.

In this role, I would conduct content or website audits for various URLs. Before this project officially began, I used tools like Ahrefs and Semrush to get a big picture of Referral Rock’s hundreds of URLs.

Then, I created a spreadsheet for each URL, including whether each post needed to be:

  • Optimized
  • Deleted
  • Left alone

With this data, I started gathering a list of Referral Rock’s most popular URLs using Google Analytics. Then, I created a sort of game plan for each URL I planned to optimize.

After looking over my suggestions, the company’s owner then gave me WordPress access to make direct edits to Referral Rock’s website.

Writing Blog Outlines + Articles

When I wasn’t performing SEO-related tasks for Referral Rock, I also authored several articles for this company’s blog (available in the Links section below).

Referral Rock’s blog consists of long-form articles dedicated to referral and digital marketing. During this time, I credit Referral Rock for giving me total creativity with what I wrote. While Referral Rock maintained a small marketing team, we had great team meetings and brainstorming sessions that yielded lots of positive results.

RR outline 1
A partial example of SEO outlines I created

The Results

After six months of work creating new content as well as auditing Referral Rock’s blog, we noticed all-time company records for monthly impressions and clicks according to Google Search Console in June 2020. This was notable considering that Referral Rock has been a fast-growing company since its formation in 2017.

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