Through the writing service Textbroker, which I’ve been a writer for since 2017, I’ve completed several hundred articles for an exclusive team called the Priority Auto Team that completes content for

Textbroker is a writing service for both writers and people or companies who need content. Select writers who provide high-quality content can gain an invitation into one of hundreds of Textbroker’s exclusive writing teams.

The Priority Auto Team publishes content for a large network of automobile dealerships throughout the United States.

Services provided:

  • Researching
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Content marketing

The Projects

The process with this client involves researching automotive-related content, which requires a keen eye since automobiles typically change from year to year and from brand to brand.

The types of content I write for this client include:

  • Service-related content: High-level content about oil changes, tire rotations/repairs, brake service, and similar topics.
  • Blog posts: A blog post ranging from 350-800 words about an automotive brand, type of vehicle, model, etc.
  • Research pages: Detailed content about an automobile, including interior, exterior, safety, technology, and performance features.


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