Connecteam is a B2B SaaS company based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, that aims to help keep companies connected with their deskless employees.

Services Provided:

  • Copywriting
  • Blogging
  • Editing
  • SEO
  • Team management
  • Digital marketing
  • Content auditing
  • Researching

The Project

Connecteam was having a hard time reaching companies in the U.S. The local, on-site writers weren’t achieving the results that Connecteam wanted.

So, Connecteam decided it needed an expert writer in the United States to get its landing pages and blog posts ready for an American audience.

The Process

After a months-long search, Connecteam hired me for a project as a Senior Copywriter. In this role, I remotely led a team of about 20 writers working in Tel Aviv. I also oversaw cleaning up some of Connecteam’s most popular content from copywriting and SEO perspectives.

I’d also lead meetings and show presentations guiding Israeli writers about correcting some of the most common issues I noticed and answering any questions. I also held weekly meetings with the Connecteam’s on-site writers and management teams.

Grammarly before
Pre-Update/Audit Grammarly Score
Post-Update/Audit Grammarly Score
surfer before
Pre-Update/Audit Surfer SEO Score
surfer after
Post-Update/Audit Surfer SEO Score

The Results

After completing this major content/website audit project, Connecteam noticed a major boost in terms of its organic search engine rankings.

Removing the errors and unfamiliar phrasing also gave Connecteam’s landing pages and blogs a major boost in terms of on-page visit durations and engagement.

During my time with Connecteam, I had a great time working with and helping the team of Israeli writers and marketers.


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